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That is really weird. Seems like it is happening a lot these days. I read on Steam as well, there people stated much worse conditions though.

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I am more of a PC FPS gamer and sometimes I am a mobile gamer as well when my PC is not nearby or the network starts acting funny 😛

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@iyagovos said in Fear The Wolves - E3 Trailer:

Drop into a radioactive wasteland with nothing but your wits, fists

Nice I am sold! Never tried something like, highly looking forward to this one for sure.

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Didn't notice that until now, I was thinking that I have seen this dude somewhere but was lost in a dilemma.

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I was never into these kind of games but this makes me wanna buy it before it goes online 😹 😹 E3 was pretty good this year.

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Enjoyable game that can be played by people of various age groups. Good Job devs : )

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Vampyr is an amazing game, especially the combat in this game is just mind boggling! Meta critic gave this game 72%

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i have the boost mode on same fps drop i turn it off still the fps drops but my friend on the ps4 has stable fps. So try turning it on and off.

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