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Is this an april fools joke? Perhaps it was lost in translation?

If it is, you really missed the ball here, an April Fools joke is supposed to be adding something funny and unrealistic / unexpected. Take H3VR adding a 'Degle'. A cardboard Desert Eagle with all sounds done by the developers voice.

That's an April Fools feature. Its silly, its funny and its totally left field for a gun sim. You'll notice its also actually developed and added into the game for April Fools.

Im sorry but if this is a joke, its terribly bad taste. This is a feature I'm sure some people have wanted in the game.

You should have gone with something like saying your adding survival elements to Mud Runner so your driver must eat, sleep and use the toilet. You could have had an image of a truck parked next to a port-a-loo.

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Please fix this up as it makes zero sense.

If you happen to tip your truck passed that arbitrary point where the engine stalls and will not restart, you cannot turn the wheels to help right yourself.

There is absolutely no reason for steering to not work in this scenario. Sure power steering might be off, but manual turning always works.

Is there a logical explanation for this behavior?

Why does the engine cut out immediately anyway? Shouldn't it have some run time before it suffocates and dies?

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You could try this for a model :

		<Body Friction="6.4" Collisions="Dynamic" />

or this for a plant

		<Body ImpactType="Truck" NoSoftContacts="true">
			<Constraint BreakOffThreshold="10" Type="Fixed" />
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This is a fantastic map! huge and detailed. Thanks for sharing

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Dynamic Summer - VICTOR Build (crazily, that's the 35th build!)


From the README

Dynamic Summer for Mudrunner
Build VICTOR (v35)

How to Install:
*It is recommended to use a program such as OVGME to manage your mods. Ensure Dynamic Summer is loaded last (overwriting any other mods)
To install manually, extract the 'media' folder in this ZIP into your games installation folder
Edit the file CONFIG.XML and add the following line BEFORE the others of the same type :
<MediaPath Path="Media" />

Regardless of manual install or Mod Manager, in order for this mod to work correctly, you must copy the contents of the 'for TextureCache zip' folder inside this zip into the TextureCache.Zip found in the games installation folder.
If you do not do this, the ground will become all funky while it is raining , dirt effects will not look correct and the mud generated will look blocky and undetailed.

How to use:
Once the mod is installed everything except the weather and wind is activated all the time. The new Mud, Dirt, Dust, Collisions, Water, Physics, Bushes and Rocks.
To enable the weather honk your vehicles horn while the engine is off. Do the same again to disable the weather. Green and Red cubes will fall from the sky to indicate activation or deactivation.

When unlocking a truck in the game world, it honks its horn. this turns the weather off or on depending on its current status. If you load into a map with MANY vehicles that unlock when the mission is started, the game may crash.
A solution is in the works.

SpintiresMOD is currently NOT compatible with Dynamic Summer. This application completely screws up wheel velocity and vehicle velocity calculations causing mud and rain to go haywire.

Added collision velocity based sparks to all collisions. Running into bushes at speed and other tough foliage will cause sparks to fly from the collision point. Crashes look much better as a result!
Added Tire Smoke particle effect. Spinning the wheels, or slamming the brakes on tarmac, concrete, rocks and other non dusty surfaces will now create tire smoke. Unfortunately there is no tire screech sound in the game so dirt slide is used.
Improved Dust generation. Much more variation between moving over terrain and spinning wheels on terrain. longer lasting dust and better build up
Optimized Mud particle generation. Better variation while using less overall particles without any discernible visual reduction
Adjusted Weather Dynamics. Slightly slower transitions, more chance of non heavy rain types and storms are more likely to NOT have lightning to increase storm variation
Rocks and Mud Changes. Large Mud breaks into Small Mud bits, small mud bits break into mud particles. Large Rocks can be broken with strong force into medium rocks. Medium rocks can be broken with more force into small rocks. Small rocks cannot be broken
General Optimizations. Particle lifetimes and max counts adjusted slightly to improve performance. this is still wip

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I forgot to include the contents of the Wheels input to functions to finish it off :

wetCoef |  0
contactFriction |  1
angVelDamped |  4.7226829528809
waterDepth |  0
org |  table: 38B491E0
debrisCoef |  1
radius |  0.55000001192093
suspStressFactor |  0.73803532123566
suspDir |  table: 38B49280
dustCoef |  1
mudDepth |  0.59404754638672
mudCoef |  1
width |  0.40000000596046
wheelDir |  table: 38B490A0
linVelVector |  table: 38B491B8
linVel |  1.1202852725983
isRightSided |  true
isPointInside |  false
axleDir |  table: 38B48F88
waterColor |  table: 38B49028
angVel |  6.2339134216309
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@woodingot Its used for when your truck is damaged, or when your engine is submerged and running hot

Its not a very big effect and yeah, technically its not needed (well until now :P)

As long as the vehicle has a collision box so the rain can make it wet (which I believe your truck must have) then it'll be fine.

The engine just thinks your car is getting wet from alot of water splashes. it doesnt know its rain making it wet 😉

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So its a common thing for vehicles to not have steam origin points?

I might try switching to another org on the truck, I just assumed these things were required

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Does your modded truck have at least one steam origin point?

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@mexican_420 has a copy of this mod, but not a single russian followed the instructions so far :p

Unfortunately its impossible to prevent the honk from happening how it happens. Something I think a lot of people don't realise is that the LUA side of Mudrunner is read only. It only reads from the game world, you cannot update the truck or change how the engine does things. Only the information that Pavel has specifically programmed to send into LUA is available and there is no way of gaining access to more through it.

The mod only potentially crashes the game when you are the main menu. the screen with a map loaded without any truck on it. The pause menu, advanced options menu etc all of these will not cause any stability issues, just quitting the map and heading to the main menu.