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They still have not fixed this, I recall there being a hell of a lot of posts about this before and looking at this BETA little seems to have changed as far as all that goes other then bug fixes its all the same just with some campaign, I have to say I don't think I will play this game nearly as much as the first seems they literally don't care about people who are not interested in multiplayer, all I did was play solo skirmish for the first game this skirmish is way worse and the lack of progression just kills it for me.

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Honestly you should never be forced to pay MP it should just be another option sure it could have faster levelling and sorry but new payers will get beaten black and blue anyway experience is not unlocked and then you you have played MP more you have those other options to beat them black and blue, overall levelling should be available in both mods simple as that just a little thing called player choice simple as that.

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