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@solaire said in Where the hell is ship customization?:

The customization in the first game was mostly fake, at least for multiplayer. In reality there were only 1-2 viable builds for each faction, sometimes not even that. In singleplayer everything was viable so i can undertand your annoyance there but this will work better for multiplayer.

most people played this game for the singleplayer, or co-op skirmish vs AI, that's why multiplayer was always dead... they really need to listen to their fans and flesh out the skirmish mode from #1 for #2. They're gonna get totally review bombed and the franchise is gonna die 😟 More people play solo than multi, why can't they accept that?

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bring back skirmish from #1 please, flesh it out, make it better. All the reviews for #1 were how great the skirmish mode is, how can destroy it like this in #2???? Gonna get totally review bombed and make no money and the franchise is gonna die... LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS!

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Hey devs, hope you've seen some of the many posts about this, but I decided they are hard to see so I'm posting my own.

Have you read the reviews for your first game? How they all talk about how great the skirmish mode was and how it was the most fun? Why would you remove that instead of fleshing it out in Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2? You're heading for a lot of bad reviews if you don't include it in release, I'm afraid to say. Don't say you haven't been warned.

I guess I'll go back to playing #1 with modded bigger fleets for multiplayer... Too bad I was looking forward to leveling necrons with my friends and two brothers ☹

It's like Last Stand mode in Dawn of War 2, tons of people played it, but because it wasn't PVP for some reason it was just given up on...

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I had to create an account and post here when I heard that #2 doesn't include the mode talked about in EVERY good review of Battlefleet Gothic #1... It was everyone's favourite part, it was why people kept coming back to the game. It was even modded so you could do larger battles multiplayer... How could you not include it in #2? Definately a deal breaker for me. Sad, I was really looking forward to playing this with my brothers and friends 😞