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@zamal said in MudRunner 2 News Recap:
i want rain at least if not different weather conditions

I want rain too , but I wish it was possible to change the appearance and difficulty of the map when it rains , like this :


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@onelove said in Bregel's Garage:

Bregel are you dead? Is there a hope to see M1070 from spintires on mudrunner?

You can find it on modding websites.

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@sodoma said in the silence is deafening:

It is a bit mishandled, but I think that you are missing a point here.
MR2 actually WAS announced just recently. All the thing before AW DLC was actually a "leak" because somebody from community went through some official documents and found mentions there. After that, Focus basically had to admit, that such thing as MR2 is under development.
So yes, I agree that MR2 start/annoucement(s) is/are not done in the best way, on the other hand, I don't think that it goes exactly as Focus planned so is not entirely their fault...

I have to disagree...they had a press event about the game so is not like it was secret and we managed to find out about it. They even said we will find more after the event , but nothing from them, not even a single post . Just read this , and this about what others saw in the presentation .
I like what they did so far with the game and I'm sure that MR2 is at least 50% better than what we have now , but I don't like how they handled this event thing.
Ok, the game was announced recently , is not that hard to make an official post and let the people know that is still a WIP, but new features were added , and more licenced vehicles , and snow . This is what I want to see , just an official word from them , at least with what happened in the presentation.

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@sodoma said in Moments in the Mud:

@thedeestroyer Isn't it Pavel's "The Desert" aka "DLC The Valley"?


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Desert map , easy right ?




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Yeah, they should at least show us what they showed to the press. We know that is a work in progress and not ready but still we want to see something...

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"Among the novelties of this game, we also note interiors of vehicles modeled with a lot of realism for each vehicle, larger and more varied maps including driving on snow in Siberia or in the heart of the steep forests of Michigan, and ... a brand new physics engine!"
"We were able to witness the loading of bricks and barrels in a mission that should last, according to the developers, no less than 40 minutes!"


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Like I said before , Spintires will only get mods as an "update" . The latest one is a joke. Just ignore the 11 gb size this guy talks about (they are mods) and watch the video

Youtube Video

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Yeah,imagine if the game looked like that...

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@knight25 said in New info:

earth-moving machines

this is much more interesting, at least for me.

Yeah , it's a possibility maybe that's why they bought Caterpillar licence.