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I started with Dunwich Horror and Pickman's Model. Pickman's Model attracted me for the brutality and had me on the edge of my seat for most of it. Also, it felt more approachable from a horror stand point as a yound adult. It wasn't his brilliant monsters, but something more familiar. Being a short story I feel it was a great place to start; it was the tale leaving me wanting more.

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Has anyone heard any updates on the release? Last I heard was Summer 2018, but with summer approaching and silence around, i feel its an unlikely timeframe.

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I was reading some Lovecraft earlier and I was thinking of how cool it could be if they put in some items or art that pays homage to the great one.

Things I would like the see:

  1. the Resonator in an ultra-violet room. Maybe with jellyfish like beings floating if your madness level is high enough.
  2. maybe some sort of chiseled stone with a symbol of Dagon
  3. some of Pickman's models or art.
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I think @Tsathogguah nails it in the description. Other wordly elements that are almost maddening to try to comprehend. Something terrible enough to drive one mad. Spring was a recent film that had those elements to me. An ancient evil, yet something to love and adore. Something you can't quite comprehend. Whether it pertains to elements of "the other" or "surrounding" worlds, or an ancient being we cannot fathom to the point of disbelief, ie when dealing with the ethnologist at the end of the story Dagon.

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I absolutely cannot wait for this game! The trailers thus far have been spectacular! Looks like we are in for a mind-bending experience.

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Does anyone here play that game? Thoughts on it? What platform?

I personally play it the most of any of my current games. I play on Xbox one, which is what I will be getting CoC for.

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That's a solid idea, @lovecraft. After all, modes like that help the replay value tremendously.

I hope for a few alternate endings. A "madness" mode like you described would be very creepy and fun!

Even an exploration mode where we can pick up artifacts and read how they relate to lore, what stories they could be taken from, etc.

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Along these lines, at the beginning is there going to be skill points available to customize the character to your playstyle? Or different presets available like character sheets in table tops?

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