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I'll spawn another TTK thread, even though I really mean this to be a buff the armor in a balanced way thread.

I think everything should OSK on headshot.
I think rifle and sniper rounds should OSK to the chest (unarmored).
EDIT: and larger pistol rounds for unarmored targets (thx @GSG_9_LIGHTNING)
I also think armor should actually be useful.

Instagib through armor:
(1) Isn't fun
(2) Increases the pace of the game and makes it less tactical
(3) Lowers the skill ceiling

Reasons for my above observations are everywhere in every TTK thread, I won't restate them.

Light armor:
(1) Should be cheap
(2) Should only affect pistol rounds and like the UZI (smaller calibers)
(3) Rifle and sniper rounds should ignore it
(4) Should barely impede movement

Heavy armor:
(1) Should be more expensive
(2) Should take significant torso shots from rifles (that aren't sniper rifles, aka high velocity) using 7.62 NATO, 7.62x39, .40, .45 ACP, .357 SIG, every pistol caliber
(3) 5.56 should (realistically) ignore it... I'd be happy if it was just better at penetrating than the above calibers
(4) Sniper rounds should ignore it
(5) Should significantly impair movement

AP ammo is unnecessary, considering snipers should bypass armor completely, 5.56 should bypass armor, and certain firearms in game use AP rounds by default (MP7).

In his post @Zayzek said "pistols are useless because they need about 4 hits and the bolt action snipers can't kill a heavy armor in one hit, the weapons should always have AP rounds on them, Insurgency2 was fun because of the 1 hit kills."

Above I've addressed every point.

I reiterate, OSK/OHK/instagib lasering people isn't fun. I liked Ins2, but I had problems with it. I like Sandstorm better.

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Every time you respawn you have to load the magazine and pull back the hammer and I feel like its super unnecessary (maybe just at the very start of the round in the truck). There've been plenty of times where the last man capped a point, but when the whole team respawned enemy bots were right there and we couldn't even shoot back for a full 2 seconds and got murdered.

If they don't want to remove the animation, at least make the players invincible for the duration of the reload or something. Idk, but its pretty annoying.

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NWI has made the mistake that basically every fps shooter does when it comes to three-round burst: tapping the mouse button (trigger) causes all three rounds to fire off. This is NOT how most burst mechanisms work on the actual models.

I brought this up in the alpha too, but I see it hasn't been addressed. Given that Insurgency: Sandstorm seems to be making a better effort than most games at replicating the actual workings of the firearms included in the game, I would expect that the devs would go all the way.

Three-round burst is a modified version of automatic fire, not single fire. The trigger must be fully depressed for the duration of the three rounds in order for all three rounds to fire. A good example of this is in the M16 variants which contained 3-round burst (M16A2 and A4). The mechanism is called a Eugene Stoner 3-round burst, which basically consists of a rotating disk which catches the hammer. The disk contains 2 deep groves between 2 sets of 2 shallow grooves. If the trigger is continually depressed, it will cycle through the two shallow grooves and stop on the deeper groove.


This means that merely tapping the trigger will fire off ONE round. If you were to depress the trigger for longer after that, it would fire the remaining TWO rounds and stop.

There are some exceptions to this, notably the AN-94 which fires a two round burst such that the second round is fired before the hammer even cycles back (called hyperburst).

I understand that implementing this in game might give some macro users some cheesing ability (after all you can click a mouse much faster than you can pull a trigger), but this can be compensated for by implementing a short "cool off" between trigger pulls of like 0.5 seconds or something.

Also I know it sounds nit-picky, but we're going for realism here, aren't we? The way three-round burst works in most fps games actually just doesn't make any sense if you look at how firearms actually operate.

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I'd rather armor actually serve a purpose, unlike ins2.

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Modern military armor is not just Kevlar, but metal plates placed in pockets on a "plate carrier" … hence the name.

From the way it looks in game, light armor seems to reflect Type II or Type IIA body armor. This armor stops 9mm, .40, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum rounds (i.e. most sidearms, UZI, knife stabs).

The heavy armor seems to reflect Type III or Type IIIA armor. This armor stops .45 Magnum and 7.62 rounds (i.e. every sidearm, a lot of rifles).

If we were to reflect realism, shots to the chest of an armored target with the above-mentioned calibers would not penetrate. They may stagger the target, cause bruising, or even break ribs, but repeated shots would generally not kill them. Furthermore, shots to targets armored with a lower tier armor than the caliber your firearm is using would go right through the armor. So irl a 5.56 would virtually ignore both of the above-mentioned armors.

AP rounds would also go right through. Some of the weapons in game are specifically designed for special AP rounds (such as the MP7) and would shred through most armors.

Even though the current system is not perfect and not exactly true to life, the general idea that armored targets have more survivability to torso shots is incorporated. I like it much more than ins2 because it is indeed more realistic. Targets tend to soak up a good deal of torso shots if they are armored, forcing the shooter to go for head or extremity shots. This is absolutely realistic. After all the point of armor is to increase survivability, so why shouldn't heavier armored targets have a longer TTK?

If you want ins2's and doi's TTK then go play those games. This is a different game with a feel that I think a lot of us can appreciate: the gunplay and recoil are the most true to life I've ever seen in a game, suppression effects are correctly intense, explosions are of realistic magnitudes.... besides fairly minor things, the game does a good job of feeling like modern infantry combat.

Just a side note: 5.56 rounds are generally not stopped by Type III armor as they are light rounds which are used in firearms with very high velocities. This makes them good at penetrating thin, dense materials, such as body armor. Even though 7.62 rounds are significantly larger, they travel at lower velocities, making them unable to puncture a lot of heavier armor (however their material penetration, such as through wood, is much better).

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There should absolutely be a democratic votekick and an auto kick if you get 2 or 3 tks in a match.

If there was a votekick and mute there'd be no reason to even have a report system.

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@marxman-lmc said in OBJ marker obstructing vision:

I'd like to be able to turn them off entirely

You can turn off the whole HUD in general. It'd be cool if you could choose what specifically you want on and off.

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Having been flash-banged in trainings a few times (once when I was asleep for shits and giggles), the flash in every game is super unrealistic. The thing is that it's hard to actually replicate the feeling of getting flash-banged in game though, you can only simulate its results (which is you being useless for some period of time).

IRL you can usually overt your gaze if you know its coming (there's kind of a delay and a big sparking before it actually bangs, kind of like burning magnesium from those high school chemistry experiments x 100), but the blinding effect isn't really what temporarily incapacitates people, its the sound it makes. It's so piercing that it messes with your bony labyrinth's fluids and literally induces vertigo. People get thrown off balance, some even get nauseas and vomit.

Blinding the screen is cool and all, and it kind of gets the general purpose across, but you can still run around with no problem with your screen blanked out. I think a better way to simulate it would be actually kind of how Ela's grzmot mines used to be before the nerf in siege. There should be a real staggering of movement, slowing of movement, and your screen really needs ot be thrown around a lot, perhaps even reversal of key directions.

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Speaking of reflex sights, you'd be looking at them with both eyes open. I already made a post about this earlier. You would barely notice the chassis of the sight given that your binocular vision would basically blur it out and you would only see the sight suspended in the air.

They should make the scope chassis transparent or at least more transparent. Like this...


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As brought up by @jensiii here:

@Benz, an active member of the forums has apparently been banned. The posts after which he was beaned are here:

I don't see any reason for the mods taking such a drastic action unless it was a misunderstanding. @Benz, imo does come off sharper than most people, but he just seems like he's passionate about SS to me. He doesn't insult people anymore than everyone else does. He isn't racist or straight up ad hominem attacking people, he just disputes arguments. Yea he might call an argument stupid, illogical, or tell someone to "get gud" but does that really constitute a ban?

I think banning @Benz from these forums was a mistake that should be reevaluated. He's a valuable member of our little community here, and even if you don't agree with him, you must appreciate that having someone counter your arguments is just as important as someone agreeing with you.

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@milsimelite I also think that if a match lasts longer than 30 minutes real time, the squad should get hungry and set up camp, then proceed to prepare and consume their MREs before continuing with the fight.

Though I'd have to say that I've held my shit in longer than 30 minutes outside of a firefight.