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Alalala... I would have liked... But TELLLY loved writing a positive post for this new edition of Space Hulk: Deathwing! I wanted to believe it as soon as it was released more than a year ago, believe it via the MAJ since, believe in its redesign in Enhanced Edition... But that's no, alas.
A beautiful coating, skins in mass and quality, a tree of talent efficient and well balanced, a new class supra badass, weapons re-balanced, new enemies well thought and BIEN AGREABLE TO SULFATER it must be admitted, yes. And now you're going to say, "What else mtf!? That's exactly what we asked the Devs to do."
And yes... Great, yeah. Except it ends great there too, and that's too bad. Absolutely, but then NO gameplay, interface, and carastrophic multiplayer platform flaws were fixed.
We find ourselves with the same soft and imprecise playability, this lack of "percussion" and impact on the weapons at the CaC, the enemy AI has the pickup, the allied AI we don't even talk about, it always takes 15 attempts to succeed in joining a multi-player game that will crash once out of three in a row. The missions are long, and lose all the XP gain after 30min of game for a server crash or a decor of the host (yes, the game closes if the host leaves, welcome in 1998), and well it makes ONE PEU pain in the ass. In short... we still end up bored quickly, especially if we have already sanded the original version.
The game could be VERY good, we feel the passion of the dev studio behind all this, but the mayonnaise does not take... A thousand times, alas.
my ultimate question is addressed to the developers, when the previously mentioned problems will be solved?

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