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Okay, first, buddy: calm down. If I recall correctly, servers are on their randomized rotations constantly, and we simply just join into them. You're not on the same server each time you play, so if you played a map, then got it again, it is because the second server didn't play that map just before. It's randomized, you're just unlucky...

This is a reason why we need community servers to exist in majority again just like Source

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@Grumf said in Suggestion : an option to make the gunshots louder:

It doesn't even present any particular risk. Yes, you'd hear the guns better, but anyone using base volume would too since they are pretty audible already. If nothing else, it would be an handicap...

Yeah no bud. This is not a handicap in the slightest. Sure things are louder, but with them being louder, they're wayyy easier to locate. Sure, this would be nice from an audiophile's standpoint or something. But, in reality, this is just a way to kill balance and give players an advantage with some weird, unnecessary, and niche option

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@Olanov I hate the realism they try to put in this arcade game (as well as what people suggest here lol), but this: Fucking please NWI. It pisses me off that small things like this from the game are missing. It makes the game feel so underbaked. It's this and small things like the truck for both teams literally being the same. Why not a different color? A slightly different model? Something? Stuff like what you suggested with a small radio or with a bit of an antenna for both your team and enemies to identify (without being ridiculously obtrusive, of course, and degrading gameplay) is stuff that's necessary.... C'mon NWI

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@GSG_9_LIGHTNING @CatNipples Bettering your own playstyle is not a reason to keep playing the game. If that is your sole goal, I have no idea how the hell that is motivating you. It should come naturally while playing the game, and the game itself should accurately reflect your effort and you should be able to appreciate it in some way, adding to the experience. Sandstorm does not do this, nor does it have enough content or good core mechanics and general gameplay to keep you going on to even see yourself improve. I rarely see anyone over rank 50 these days - everyone is cycling out once they notice the game actually kinda sucks, then the new people come in and are complete garbage, only playing until they hit somewhere around rank 50 and drop out because the game is not rewarding in the slightest

The only thing that could be kinda rewarding in this game is the competitive mode which is incredibly dry, repetitive, and underplayed (justifiably), all while being built on a game that is already fairly dry and repetitive and that has horrifically bad hit registration, character rendering issues/popping, snapping, etc, and core gameplay mechanics that not only break the immersion, but also break the balance of the game that the devs seem to continue to perpetuate

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@planetcanada if you've ever tried diving with a vest on you'd know it hurts like hell. Sure it may be an option, but it definitely shouldn't be an option in this already ridiculous and broken game

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@sgt-kanyo I'll just assume you've never tried sliding with kneepads on. It doesn't hurt and on smoother grounds you can go like 25ft of a slide from a sprint. Yeah it doesn't make sense sometimes, and they need to fix the part where you don't stop sliding when hitting an object. However, slowing down the slide, an already terrible option for literally anything, is in fact a nerf...

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EDIT: I'm making a post about it because no one has been able to help me

I've been having the same issues. Game ran at 90-120fps prior to the update (which was still choppy and whatever because that's just what this game is) and now it's like 70-85fps (even though it doesn't actually hit that). It's horrifically stuttery to the point where it is unplayable. As well, it seems as though sensitivity is somewhat scaled with fps, so now turning (walking and moving the mouse like 90° or so to the side to shoot someone or simply navigate the map) doesn't even function half the time. I have no config files, everything as optimized as possible, and it was fine before the update.
Also it's weird that now fps drops about to 50fps when you look at the whole map. The game is unplayable for me at the current moment and it's sad because I want to try the new content out properly but this game won't even let me come back after some inactivity after getting burnt out. Thanks nwi xd