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Let me start by saying both Insurgency games are way ahead of other games in Immersion and realistic gameplay, and Sandstorm has so much potential for long term success.
I keep seeing someone post "why can't they customize the bots(usually to make them easier), then some hardcore player responds with they're not hard enough and should be left alone, and said player should just "get" better. The only way new players can get better and learn the game is by playing, and the Coop games against AI are plenty good enough for that purpose. Hardcore players say bots are predictable and basically stupid, but I disagree. Some people like me really want to play this game but I don't have time to play it 3-4 hours a day. Where bots spawn from, routes they take, and strategy is "learned" from playing against and observing them. I like playing local because sometimes it's difficult finding a server that is a fit. I think the 1st person is talking about local play. What would be wrong with giving players in local play games way more control over the setup of the game. Number of bots, enemy and teammates, difficulty, and the option so your AI team mates can re spawn after a certain wait period. It's really frustrating trying to hold an obj. by yourself for the whole counter attack because your 3 team mates usually get killed before obj. cap. If the changes were only done on the "Local" side, it wouldn't effect Online at all.
I think all the "hardcore" players don't want newbies coming in to their online games, so they want the game to be as hard as possible to discourage them. Is that what NWI wants? I would think you would want to build the player base as much as you can, but I have seen friends who tried the game, liked the look and feel of game play only to be turned off from the difficulty and quit.

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Scope won't toggle OFF occasionally..
Mouse wheel doesn't work like ins1..
Can't switch to secondary in prone without getting up. I can do that in REAL life..
If you WANT to play solo, once the obj is capped, if you (the human) gets killed and your team (all 3 ?!? of them) are dead which is 90+ % of the time, no matter how many waves you have there is not enough time to get back to the obj because the spawn point is too far away.

Are DEVS listening or only concerned with multiplayer..

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Is there a reason why the scroll wheel doesn't work the same as original Insurgency, I could flick up or down(not worrying how many cliks on wheel) to perform action. Sandstorm treats each click as another send. So u have to single click, SOOOOOOOOOO annoying. PLEEEEEEASE do not screw up game play by ignoring details.

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Is there a reason why the menu is hard coded to the keypad plus key? I have always used a layout on the keypad. Plus key brings up menu and does not toggle, have to escape key to get back to game.

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