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Oh, and since I don't see it mentioned, for me, when it pops up, it pops up for about 10 seconds or so, and then reconnects. But, as I said, it will bump me out of any ques I was in when it happens.

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I am having this issue as well, and it is currently exclusive to Blood Bowl 2 on my Xbox. It is also being heavily reported in the FB group at the moment, as I've seen at least 10 people complaining of it. It seems to sporadically give this message for the first 10 or so minutes of being in the game. Since I am now rebooting, and reloading after every game to improve overall in game stability, and this issue will knock me out of ladder ques every time it appears, it is quite an annoyance. I would say it appeared in the last two weeks, if I were guessing.

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So, the goblin bombadier is still horribly glitched. Please fix it, or at least disable it until you get around to fixing it. Thanks.

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Yes please...while my experience has been much more stable lately with your game, others are encountering the issues I, well, went into much detail about previously, ie., that they are getting hit by rashes of instability. Seriously, the ability to reconnect to a game from a disconnect, would make all the difference. I mean, I am able to reconnect to PUBG in about a minute when it crashes... that is a game that is hosting 100 players in real time. A two player, turn based game should be able to provide this same basic functionality as a massive multiplayer shooter that is still effectively in open beta on console...

This is actually the primary issue why I cannot recommend friends of mine to purchase your game on the XBox. I'd like to, I have friends I feel would enjoy it, that I would enjoy playing with, but your XBox version is inferior to your PC version to such a degree that I cannot do so in good faith. I mean, greater stability, as I'm experiencing in the short term, would be great, but the rashes of disconnects and CTDs that others are still experiencing would be wholly more acceptable when they popped up if the ability to reconnect to a game in progress were available, as it is on the PC.

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Yes please. Is it not possible to trace accounts to an IP or console?

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I prefer three minute turns. As with the folks above, not because I expect to take three minutes every turn, but because when the position is complicated, when I have to map out a few chain pushes, and its a vital turn so I have to decide who HAS to move where and who I want to have available after, say a blitz, which dodge NEEDS to work, etc, etc, etc, I tend to use every bit of the three minutes getting my turn order sorted in my head and then getting it carried through. As I said, not every turn by any stretch, but, in a good, close game, probably 2-4 turns total are like that. I know I tend to play a little slower than most, and seem to have more available time than most, but I would certainly feel those 2 minute timers in the above type situations.

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Oh, and just one more thing, I promise. I made the mistake of being honest, and admitting to choosing to concede 3 times. This apparently completely overshadowed the fact that I had 3 dc/crash instances in just a little over 2 weeks, in a 6 week competition, that has a static hardcap of 5 allowed instances of concede/dc/crash. Just in case it needs to be stated, I will specifically. Those numbers would not have seen me through to the end of the competition just on instability issues.

Now, I can't speak to their honesty/dishonesty, but, I have come across 2 others who played a fair few games, and now find themselves banned, and they stated they only chose to concede once and twice respectively. Again, we are in the 3rd week of a 6 week competition, and for those counting, that is 4 and 5 instances of system instability. Now, is this accurate, Idk. Mine is. I am in no way stating that there should be no rules regarding concessions, simply that an arbitrary, static, hard cap that in no way takes games played or any other variables (Known times when Xbox Live is being sketchy, new bugs that appear after updates, both to game and console OS, etc.), into account, may not be the best one to go with.

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I have had one game where I disconnected from the server because XBox Live went down on my console for a minute or so. Got rebooted and back into the program in time to not see the game on the schedule tab at first, and have it show up about a minute or so later as a concede.

I had the game crash after a fairly complicated turn 16 beastman touchdown. I don't remember for sure, I think it would have been a game ender, but, it is possible I would have to kick off once more. It crashed during the touchdown celebration. The beastman yelling and dancing and he looks at the screen and durdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdur, and desktop.

I had a game crash during the first half of a game. I don't remember the team or specifics, but the typical Xbox crash I described above, that happens on many different games on Xbox, but the durdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdur, and then desktop.

I had a game that failed to load after the inducements screen. Not the above, it just stayed on the pre match loading screen until my opponent asked if I had conceded. This was an FABBL premiership game, not on the CCL, so we had an admin reset it.

Hope any of this helps. Unfortunately, at least the two CTD instances I've had do happen on other games on my Xbox, Skyrim/Fallout4/Witcher3/XCOM/XCOM2, among others. Almost identical. The durdurdur noise for about 8-10 seconds, then silence, then briefly black screen then desktop.

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And, I just wanted to clarify. I understood that disconnects and crashes were counting as concedes. I was, for whatever reasons, one of which I feel was the framing of the original statement, as well as my previous experiences during season 9, grossly underestimating the likelihood of said occurrances, and was not aware that the desired ideal was zero purposeful concedes, and that the sole reason for the concede/ban rule was system instability. I do like better what you have now. I would still love to see a statement of intent, some how bringing attention to the concept that your ideal is a ladder with zero concessions. It would have better communicated to me that I should not concede AT ALL, not only that I should not concede very often. I only bring attention to it, because I am banned because of this, seemingly insignificant distinction, which, in my case, would have made all the difference.

Again, thank you for your time.

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What you have now is surely better than it was. I'm feeling the effects of bringing too many problems, not enough solutions, which I hate doing, so I will post here for you how I would have worded what has been communicated to me after the fact. Again, thank you for your time. I would like to thank your volunteers moreso as they volunteer for this aggravation... anyways...

"We at Cyanide want to have the Cabalvision Champions League a concession free ladder. Unfortunately, due to hardware and software limitations, you will experience occasional concessions due to server disconnects or system crashes. In light of this, we will be banning anyone who accumulates more than five concessions over a season. Were there no instability, there would be a blanket ban on players conceding. Please do not try to reboot your console in an attempt to reconnect from a disconnect or system crash ,as it is impossible to reconnect to a game on your console. We apologize for this inconvenience."

Feel free to use any portion of that, as I think it more clearly communicates what has been communicated to me here, after the fact. Its posted here purely as I wrote it up in a discussion on the FB thread I started, so why not post it here as well. Use it, discard it, laugh at me privately about it, whatever.

Again, thank you for your time, and thank your volunteer admins for theirs. It is appreciated.

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