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I'm really anticipating some sort of theater file for us to make modifications to the Community Servers. It would address a lot of ongoing criticism across the message boards and breathe new life into the game while we wait for everything else.

Insurgency Source's theater file allowed us to change recoil values, bullet damage, coop and AI item loadout, molotov damage values (to address Intercontinental Ballistic Molotovs, which existed in the Source version, too!), add Primary/Secondary/Explosive slots, move primary SMGs to Secondary slots...

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(Regarding coop checkpoint only) I've noticed this in both Insurgency (2014) and Sandstorm. During times with 6 players and below, the game's pace changes. Players usually slow down and work together more often.

In Sandstorm, comparing servers with 10-16 players vs 4-6 is very noticeable. I actually have my Sandstorm server limited to 6 players.

It typically takes 1 player to rush and a snowball effect occurs. Another player doesn't want to be left behind with fewer enemies to kill, so they catch up. Then the next player does it and so on.

If we're having 8 player default co-op checkpoint, having more things sound like a preferred direction given the running simulator pacing of the map design/game. A couple of mini-checkpoints that need to be unlocked in areas/buildings before the team proceeds to capture the next main (A, B C...) checkpoint to (optionally) split the teams and actually utilize the often uncharted buildings and areas might help.

Compared to Insurgency (2014), Sandstorm's map design is like asking a painter to paint a busy shot of a city on a giant canvas vs a smaller one in a specific amount of time. More attention and time and detail per square inch is given to the smaller canvas whereas the larger canvas is more thinly stretched and diluted in order to fill in the blank space. Also trying to make it multi-purpose for both co-op and PVP is going to be a bigger hurdle because of balancing each side's advantages and respawn areas.

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This issue has been in every version I played since the open beta. It occurs on every map, and in nearly every location. It really hampers gameplay and adjusting the gamma in video settings don't resolve it.

Darker maps like Summit are really bad. I've experienced this in a variety of different video settings (all low/off, medium, max graphics), different Nvidia drivers--both 970 GTX and 2080 RTX graphics cards.

This eye adaptation issue is one of those things where if it's not done right, then it shouldn't be included because it really affects users' gameplay. Considering how the characters in this game aren't as easy to identify due to this game's artistic direction alongside the camouflage, it's especially a valid concern.

Some users have suggested an "ini" file edit to turn off this auto exposure off but the game looks too washed out. This is really apparent on Refinery.

Additional Info

Note: Based on 773 Hours in cooperative checkpoint only.

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And for some reason, bots with AKM and Uzi's often get that 1 headshot from 100 meters away. This was also the case with certain submachine guns in Insurgency 2014.

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@skillet said in Optic ADS display changes during match (new since 2/28 patch):

At some point, the ADS display goes wonky. I have experienced this with the optic shown and with the 4x optic on the MG3. This behavior started after I installed the patch this morning. Below is a video of what I'm talking ab

I saw this while I was spectating a teammate in co-op mode when he was using the holo 2x using the normal scope setting.

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@jballou Would love to have "mini checkpoints"--checkpoints that need to be completed before going to each of the objectives we have now. Teams can split and breach these fortified buildings/mini checkpoints. I think it would alleviate the running simulator pacing of the current map design and utilize the buildings no one really goes into.

Side note: Insurgency 2014's dry_canal was good on pacing with checkpoint distance and enemy placement. Seemed like a good model for the core Sandstorm map design.

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I checked behind me so many times.

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This happened to me a few times and a teammate as well.

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I remember when they pushed an update to Insurgency 2 that was similar to this. There was a theater file I could edit on my server to remove the grenades from a lot of the bots. If they didn't cook it in this game, and kept it to maybe 10-15% equipped on bots, it wouldn't be as aggravating because we at least get to use the "throw back" mechanic and whittle down some players that aren't as reactive or aware of grenade sound cues to maintain challenging gameplay.

Similarly, I found out I can change the molotov damage modifiers. I changed the impact damage on the molotov to 0 in the theater file and decreased the "touching fire" damage a bit. This made the molotovs something that kept the players on their feet by obscuring our vision (since smoke in Insurgency 2 worked to our advantage), encouraging us to take a different route, and forcing us to move from our cozy setup positions during counter attacks--just adding chaos. Those simple changes caused the gameplay to become a lot more dynamic and refreshing.

I'm really hoping for some similar ways to make these changes in Sandstorm dedicated servers soon.

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@amurka said in Holy Heck The Bots Are "KOBE!" Machines Now!:

Do i just stand over the nade and look where i want to throw it and tap a button or do i have to fumble around on the ground and look DIRECTLY at the nade with my cursor before it will allow me to pick it up>?

Load up Local Play and throw your own grenade at the wall to test it out. You get plenty of time to test the mechanics. Holding the pick-up button so you can point in the right direction works, too, but don't do it too long because it's already ticking.