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@jballou Would love to have "mini checkpoints"--checkpoints that need to be completed before going to each of the objectives we have now. Teams can split and breach these fortified buildings/mini checkpoints. I think it would alleviate the running simulator pacing of the current map design and utilize the buildings no one really goes into.

Side note: Insurgency 2014's dry_canal was good on pacing with checkpoint distance and enemy placement. Seemed like a good model for the core Sandstorm map design.

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I checked behind me so many times.

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This happened to me a few times and a teammate as well.

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I remember when they pushed an update to Insurgency 2 that was similar to this. There was a theater file I could edit on my server to remove the grenades from a lot of the bots. If they didn't cook it in this game, and kept it to maybe 10-15% equipped on bots, it wouldn't be as aggravating because we at least get to use the "throw back" mechanic and whittle down some players that aren't as reactive or aware of grenade sound cues to maintain challenging gameplay.

Similarly, I found out I can change the molotov damage modifiers. I changed the impact damage on the molotov to 0 in the theater file and decreased the "touching fire" damage a bit. This made the molotovs something that kept the players on their feet by obscuring our vision (since smoke in Insurgency 2 worked to our advantage), encouraging us to take a different route, and forcing us to move from our cozy setup positions during counter attacks--just adding chaos. Those simple changes caused the gameplay to become a lot more dynamic and refreshing.

I'm really hoping for some similar ways to make these changes in Sandstorm dedicated servers soon.

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@amurka said in Holy Heck The Bots Are "KOBE!" Machines Now!:

Do i just stand over the nade and look where i want to throw it and tap a button or do i have to fumble around on the ground and look DIRECTLY at the nade with my cursor before it will allow me to pick it up>?

Load up Local Play and throw your own grenade at the wall to test it out. You get plenty of time to test the mechanics. Holding the pick-up button so you can point in the right direction works, too, but don't do it too long because it's already ticking.

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I had an error after updating, too. I didn't do a "verify integrity" but instead a complete reinstall, and I got a Windows User Account Control notification every time I loaded the game. After a system restart, it disappears and everything works fine.

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i5-4690K OC to 4.38Ghz on SSD with GTX 970. I was getting up to 110-120 fps before the patch but now it's around 80-90 fps. It doesn't feel as smooth and like one of you mentioned, there seems to be some more weird input lag. The new "Low" setting for scopes on 2x+ scopes feels worse. Before the 4.20 patch, the "Low" setting felt like there wasn't mouse smoothing, but setting it to "High" did. Now after the patch, the "Low" scope setting feels like the mouse smoothing on a "High" pre-4.20 patch setting.

What's disappointing is the new patch notes that keeps the grass on in spite of the graphics settings, and this takes a significant performance hit as well as introducing some stuttering.

  • "Fixed view distance and foliage density settings to enforce consistent gameplay when it comes to the visibility of various foliage and tree objects."
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All items in this post pertain to coop mode only.


High Priority:

  • Reload bug: May occur most when fast reloading (double tap R) from 0; confirmed weapons: M870 (rare) and FAL (happens a lot).
    --Note: I'm aware of two variations of this bug and that this game has interruptable reload mechanics.
    --I’ll only be able to shoot the one round in chamber even though the bottom-right indicator shows a full mag. If you switch to secondary and back, it will reflect the real empty mag indicator.
    --In the second variation, you can usually see when it occurs by looking at bottom-right mag indicator while reloading. It will show the empty underscore after you reload just before normally disappearing (I've seen this happen as last man standing, standing still, waiting a few seconds after the reload animation finishes with 2 spectating witnesses).
    Edit (added): I think I found out how to reproduce it: This bug occurs with a single R to reload, double tap R, or spamming R. I've tried switching from grenade, but it didn't reproduce it. It works best with a fast equip on your pistol and switch to primary from pistol. I also couldn't get it to work on the MK18 CBR in offline mode. FAL doesn't work in offline either. I've only tested this in online coop. First, empty the nearly all rounds of the FAL. Switch to secondary. When I scroll my mouse wheel up to switch to primary, I tap or double tap, or spam R, the primary should queue that reload and make sure to watch the lower right corner. You will reload, but there might be an empty mag icon or a full one, if it's a full one, try emptying the entire mag to see that you actually reloaded; it will only shoot a few rounds even though the icon says otherwise; switching to something else and back changes the indicator to show the real mag size.

  • Sticking C4 can be canceled by switching to another item in inventory after pressing the stick C4 button (default: RMB). Causes buggy inventory with detonator but C4 still showing but cannot be accessed according to selected inventory item. Meanwhile, animation may show you holding the C4. Detonating causes C4 to be inaccessible and remains inaccessible in inventory.

  • Picking up teammate's IED causes you to not be able to switch to any other weapon or show what you're holding. There was a way to return to normal but I forgot how; I think you press F again or LMB to "toss" the invisible IED.

  • Cooking a grenade in your hand for underhand/lobbing doesn't work. The current workaround is to hold RMB, then hold LMB, let go of RMB and tap RMB and you'll hear the pin release, then hold RMB, release the LMB, and finally release RMB to lob the grenade.

Normal Priority:

  • Corpses clipping into level: You can shoot a corpse’s body part with a shotgun up close and it will clip into the wall/floor. This is most reproducible with “Dismemberment” video setting off.

  • Foreign object on weapon: FAL has a weird, tiny object that appears to the left side of the weapon just above the magazine if you equip a foregrip. It also moves during a reload.

  • Going from menu (loadout or esc default menu) to spectating a player, you have to press space twice to activate the third-person view.

  • Pickup vehicle's machine gunner firing sound located somewhere else—sounds like maybe it’s spawn point.

  • In the loadout screen, the idle animation with shotgun foregrip and the character’s hand isn’t synced and looks a bit oddly angled at the wrist.

  • Crouching mid door-kicking animation causes a weird effect that shows your leg kicking as if your leg was located on your forehead.

  • Pressing reload as machine gunner on technical will queue a reload when you leave the truck.

  • 2x with laser misaligned with red dot. Laser is the precise location where your bullet will land.

  • I love the idle animations where our character looks at his/her weapon, but huge annoyance when you're aiming at a door or stairway waiting for an enemy and it changes where you're aiming.

  • Part of M16A2 missing (where the foregrip is attached to) in world view when dropped by a bot.

  • You can crouch while round starts in the carrier truck and it looks weird from first-person view and third-person view.

  • Pressing tab actually shows your score for a split second.

  • M870 pump sound doesn’t always trigger when firing fast or slow.

  • No world model for Holosight on enemy Security dropped weapons.

  • Characters standing with some space between them and the ground. Hideout as Security tested on bridge at the beginning of the level as well as the area around Crossing's Checkpoint B supply crate.

  • Doors can sever corpses.

  • I show up in the scoreboard and chat as dead even though I’m alive. Same goes for teammates sometimes.

  • Edit (added): I get the suppressed blur effect if the door is kicked open on the first floor of the last point on Hideout as Security if I'm upstairs in the room, crouching on top of the lamp on the floor.

  • Edit (added): When you watch another player use a bipod on a box near a wall, that player can aim in a direction where his body is partially clipping into the wall.


High Priority:

  • Bots running through closed doors, and also treats them as non-existing when you’re in line of sight through door even though it is in tact and closed. You can test if it's bugged by running through them; you'll get stopped for a split second before pushing through. Unhinged doors can sometimes barely fall down and sit slightly angled in doorway.

Normal Priority:

  • Firing the gun creates flashes from the adjacent room and it leaks into the bathroom near the bathtub of the Crossing map as Security on final point.

  • Sometimes mid-game, when you fire your gun, it doesn’t make a sound. When this happens, it occurs for a while. A teammates’ weapon can also exhibit this bug.

  • Duplicate weapon appears in first person when vaulting over a obstacle while switching weapons.

  • Character voice command says something about mag when reloading a shotgun and RPG.

  • Going into any kind of menu and switching back to the game can sometimes make the entire game really dark.

  • Giant laser dot appears on screen occasionally for a frame when something is not even that close in front of you.

  • Truck van's 3D object spazzes out. You can also hear it when defending an objective and the bots are using it; suddenly the sound effect of a vehicle collision becomes frequent and loud and drowns out normal sounds (maybe because of the tinnitus effect of loud sounds?).

  • Picking up weapons/items don’t always work. Even though the indicator shows, I can’t pick it up until I get really close, whereas most of the times, I don’t have to get close.

  • Resupply box doesn’t open after completing an objective or is already open before completing its respective objective sometimes.


  • Quality of life request: Resupply crate can be improved if it was proximity based instead of wiggling and looking for the indicator to pop up. Holding F to buffer and walking up to it should automatically trigger it. It doesn't work when the indicator is up sometimes.

  • Vaulting is annoying to use: If I want to jump on top of a raised item, I hop over it and if it's a ledge, I die from the fall. I have to crouch-jump sideways or backwards so that I don't trigger the vaulting animation. I prefer using crouch-jump as it pretty much does exactly what I want it to do all the time and won't put me in a panic when I vault and a sudden enemy appears.

  • Some maps have houses with a raised doorway entrance and is difficult to jump over and into the place.

  • MK18 CQBR’s and FAL’s attention to detail on mag release's latch(?) is very nice when mag is pulled. Should it animate also when mag is inserted but just much faster?

  • Some weapons don't have as much recoil as Insurgency 2: Crouching reduces recoil too much.

  • Shooting flour or stacks of paper is nice attention to detail.

  • Edit (added): Add 1-frame communication menu appear and disappear. Having it fade in and out increases time spent for a "enemy spotted" shoutout. It sometimes gets stuck for a few hundred milliseconds when it's being used really fast in conjunction with turning, i.e spotting enemy at your right and turning back.

  • Edit (added): Blood decals desync: when viewing a player who has been shot in third-person view, the blood decal moves from its original spot on the body when the player model moves

Unsure if these are intended

  • Tapping F at resupply box to restores tossed mags

  • Security team can equip 3 C4 items in loadout.

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Is coughing without the gas mask in white smoke detected by the coop bots in the current version?

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Not showing any kind of point system in coop would be great. A simple "Mission Accomplished", "Choose Next Map" is all I'd really need. An early hardcore tactical shooter like Ghost Recon 1, if I remember correctly, was all about teamwork without any kind of point system and made for a lot of fun coop experiences. It was so long ago, but did it have a system to match you with other online players for coop? I actually prefer this rather than my own suggestions in regards to the point system, but I was (and still am) so very doubtful that the developers would do this since point progression systems are already established in this series and are such a norm in games nowadays--especially shooters. And even more so taking into account that shooters have gone the direction of fast-paced, constant and instant gratification, which usually mean being rewarded with points/exp with visual and audio indicators for securing a kill, so a point system is at the very least something the players probably expect from a modern FPS.

We also have the progression system to obtain skins. Their latest Q&A talked about the option to obtain cosmetics through grinding or buy them with real money. That would also be affected by removal of a point system.

I stand for my suggestions only if they ultimately want to keep a point system. Cause if we're playing to our egos, then it might as well push towards the mentality that team-oriented play is the major payoff for earning points.

Just a side note: I ran a strict no run-and-gun, no rushing, wait-for-everyone-before-capping, notify-firing-lane-crossing server in Insurgency 2, so regardless of the point system outcome, I'll be content with just the ability to run our own private servers for Sandstorm.

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