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Question, why is diversity so important?

I can understand the fluff around having every race be represented in the tournament however it doesn't mean they have get out of the open play. In fact not getting out of open play is more inline with BB fluff. I personally have no problem seeing a disproportionate representation by T1 races making it into the knockout round as long as I see high level play and we preserve the purity of competition. For me diversity without merit equals mediocrity.

Anyways I'm glad the rules have been rolled back to season X format and considering the options available it's the best of both worlds where at least 8 top qualifiers make it into the knockout tournament.

BB has grown up and online tournaments stress tests shows that rules that were designed for table top format don't work that well when coaches can play 25+ games over 5 days. Thus if we want diversity within our flagship tournament then the long term goal should be to ensure the races are closer to parity. Our main goal should be to growing the online community and have BB taken seriously as a competitive online game. If it isn't then I think the CCL is missing out on a very good opportunity.

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Though I like the new ranking algorithm I was wondering if there could be minimum number of games before a player qualifies for eligibility to the knockout tournament. Perhaps 20 or 25 (maybe too much).

I can still see angling where players play 14-15 games and if they have a near pristine record just stop playing. The risk reward doesn't justify the playing anymore. Just thinking 20 games or more reduces variance and match angling.

Also the game minimum forces players to play to not only improve their record but to get minimum number of games in while risking their records. The side effect is that it keeps more coaches active with relevant teams risking their rankings i.e. more excitment.

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