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@антон3091 said in Вы работаете над игрой?:

Здравствуйте уважаемые разработчики. Скажите пожалуйста,будут ли ещё обновления? Игра отличная,жду вашего ответа. Спасибо

Судя по всему, Восток больше не хочет делать отличную игру, и как у них всегда есть плохая привычка разочаровывать пользователей.

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Hi, I downloaded the new update and I notice that the fps have gone down and the lags and jerks are very noticeable, for everything else it's going well I hope you get graphics like in Survarium or Kholat (another developer) but same engine, you have to make this great game.

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put more images this does not quite convince me, I see good graphics and the unreal can be squeezed a lot at the level of the video game Kholat

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@stemiplays said in Crouch vs doors:

agreeing with that,irl you might open the doors slowly,but without oiling them first they will still produce that iritating sound.eeeeeeek

implementation of 6 in 1 XDDD

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Hi, I do not know if it's because in my Steam account I modified my name but every time I jump from the helicopter I receive this message and it sends me to the lobby

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They should release this Friday, and put every 2 or 3 weeks freeplay to seduce players

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When will they upload new update?

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