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@canned_f3tus said in Things I hope are fixed in the release version:

I agree partially

Sub factions do feel redundant and are not unique or even skinned. But i do like the stream lined costumization. Its healthier for multi player. Too much costumization is what killed the last game.

About the variety in ships im afraid thats how its always been for BFGA and thats how it is in the lore. The ships by class all performed roughly the same.

The devs got to be really careful with how they proceed especially with things like balance. I think they are doing an ok job. And have made some nice compromises.

The combat in this game feels miles better than the mess that was BFGA 1.

THe deep customization is what made me PLAY the last game.. I already feel that I wasted my money because of its removal 😞

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I installed the game yesterday and went to play, very anxiously I might add. I already expected a memory hungry game due to previous experience with BFGA 1, but what I found was absurd.

The game allocated 7 GB for the INTRO! When it starts to load the prologue mission it uses a whooping 13.4 GB of memory ( only its process, not the system). That makes it UNPLAYABLE even with 16 GB of memory on the machine!

I am getting a little tired of so many developer studios programmers lazy approach to resource management. Some 8 years ago it would be scandalous if a game used 1 GB for loading the intro! It is not justified! There is not enough resources in the game assets to justify that.. it is just a case of BAD PROGRAMMING and no one paying attention to things like that. For the emperor's light.. I develop automatic CT scan diagnostic systems that load and operate on way more data that are not a third as memory hungry as this.. !

I would suggest that for the release it would be at least mandatory to be considered a professional work to revisit this issue.

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