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Really like this new campain i hope this game continue with this update!! thks for Make this game great!!!

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Good day all
i play this beta test game and i play my pref race Chaos👿 /Tyranids👽 /Imperial Navy⚓
I have encountered some problems in these races and some merits.
That I will list here under SECOND MY OPINION I want to be clear about this.🤝

I love this race anyway i see is not change so much
1- Play Style : Lance+Bombers is key to win all game with chaos...no other tactics work...distance+lance+bomb and continue this all time😴 😴
2- Cannon : I think that the ships of the chaos have too weak guns compared to the other races (imperal navy + Ork) the damage is ridiculous compared to the lances. Maybe some other player can explain to me what tactics do you use to win with these cannons (without Lance)? 😠 😠 😤 😤
3- Heavy Super Lance (BattleShip): I found this Super weapon to "despoiler" is too much weak compared to normal lances... this is best lance to ALL chaos ship and doing 8 dm? (if i remember well)...i hope increase the damage to this weapon😡 😱
4- Battleship is right disable re-postion right/left? desolator/Acheron use really hard this ability is possible let her come back?🙄
5- Is normal i not see one Ability Gift Chaos gods ? 😢
6- Planet Killer and Vangeful spirit and blackstone is possible play there with skirmish unranked? or is coming with new dlc ? (Super Battleship DLC maybe?)🤔

Tyranids :

I do not want to classify the Tyranids as the chaos because I do not know where to start XD then in my opinion the aesthetics of the ships is beautiful ... the problem is that the race has weapons / Hull (life) too weak paragondo that are almost all from close range (6 / 9krange for best accuracy) that risk being subjected to terrible damage from long distance weapons and impact ships such as orcs.
Tyranids have a lot of useful skills but the arsenal is too weak and trying to crash into other ships is suicide.
I hope that the combative department will be completely reviewed before the release in comparison with the other races or it will be really hard in 1vs1 skirmish against some races.🤔 🤔

Imperial Navy :

According to me it was the most balanced faction of the whole game. Excellent cannons / spears / life / skills (NOVA CANNON IS BACK) is a perfect faction and I think not to criticize it since everything is strong and weak depending on the situation making it all possible to win with skill and cunning against almost all races. Good Job👌🏻

These are my considerations according to my experience I hope to be useful for the realization of a beautiful game that I have been waiting for years

I hope that other players have encountered the same problems as well

Good evening everybody😉