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@jellyfoosh Seems to consistently happen on the second multiplayer game I play or second fight I play in single player. Basically I can't play more than two rounds back to back without restarting my computer.

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I thought the Heavy launch bay launched more squadrons or fighters but the Chaos Desolator seems to launch four exact same squadrons? What's the point of having a heavy launch bay then?

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Can't really seem to pin point the reason but it seems if I play the game for longer than 30 minutes, the game tends to crash and always happens whenever I fire torps. Ques are too long so I can't tell if it happens during actual matches as well.





Sidenote: In the fleet editor for multiplayer all ships are displaying 75 shields and 75 hull.

Other than that really like the boarding changes. However the tooltip for boarding isn't clear. It sound like boarding does 1 hull damage, instead of troop damage. Would be cool if you clarify it a bit more.

Good job with changes otherwise. I don't feel like a scum no more for picking SM in multiplayer

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@mystic_taboo said in Imperial Campaign on Max Difficulty... Impossible? Or am I doing something wrong?:

If the urgency meter gets to the end, do I automatically lose? (I think you did in the first one). Just realised I may have left it two late to kill the remaining two chaos champions

Yes you automatically lose. Although if you are playing on higher difficulty than easy, I don't how you can recover from a level III emergency anyway. I'm playing on normal and I nearly lost two whole sectors because of level II emergency.

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Late with your pitch fork and torch man. Developers already announced changing it in Feb update.

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I don't what that option does. For those who don't know what I am talking about, it's that shield icon next to admiral portrait of the selected fleet in the main map. I have toggled it on and off and I have no idea what it has accomplished.

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Total War Warhammer does this and has a much healthier online competitive scene. Although the only issue players have with Total War way of doing multiplayer is that you can also pick races based on your opponent picks, which opens up a whole pandora's box of counterpicking at the highest level of competition and most tournaments they force players to pre select their races because of this issue. My suggestion is that you lock in your race and faction before queuing for multiplayer. Once you find the opponent you get 1-2 minutes to pick a fleet/abilities based on the race you are facing. I feel this would help diversify ones fleet choice, rather than forcing everyone to find that one perfectly optimized fleet that works against all races.

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I love almost everything about this game.

The new more streamlined skills selection makes learning/playing lot easier, the campaign is massive and a lot more enjoyable than the last one, races a lot more balanced now and the objective markers make the whole kiting nightmare from the first game a lot less frustrating. It improves on nearly every aspect of the last game except boarding. I understand using troop numbers and need to remove the randomness of boarding actions from last game, but I feel I was a lot more satisfied with the results. Right now with any brawler faction, boarding actions kinda take out the battle in Battlefleet Gothic.

You just charge and in an instant everything is over. The issue is how fast it happens. The whole click and kill nature of boarding actions right now provides no satisfaction to either delivering it or receiving it. I have main SM since the first game, and right now I never feel like I outplayed my opponent, I just got a bunch of light cruisers and charged my opponent as fast as possible, played an internet-browser-cursor-speed-click game and then either I win or I don't.

So here are some suggestions to change:

  1. Boarding Actions should do troop damage overtime. Since the issue is how instantaneous boarding actions are, this would give time to counterplay or atleast use the troop reinforcement skill to counter act it. Usually when you have multiple boarding actions hit you, you don't even get the time to click on the skill before you are hulked.

  2. Boarding Actions can't Hulk a ship unless it's below a certain health threshold, if health threshold isn't met then boarding actions simply cause more damage until it meets that threshold.

  3. Reduce overall boarding action troop damage but give boarding action some hull damage value.

These are just a few issues I have with boarding. I hope they change something about it because right now getting a boarding action just doesn't feel exciting.

What do you all think?