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@StomperOfElves, hi Im Tizzle Bizzell of the xbox admin team. you will be sent a ticket to the Champions Cup 15 sometime today or tommorow. Generally xbox coaches us a facebook group(which i will link below) or xbox messenger to schedule matches. Coaches are usually given 1 week to complete each round and every round runs through a weekend.


If you have anymore questions about the champions Cup/Ladder on xbox dont hesitate to ask

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I was able to correct this issue by turning my controller off and on via the xbox menu

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Hi have experienced this issue as well, i kept getting disconnected from the server while setting up the champions cup xiii. The disconnecting seems to stop after about 10 mins or so....

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@Netheos @Focus_Guillaume

I was playing a match in the fabbl neo ladder, and noticed the undead chainsaw player, hack i believe is his name did not make a loner roll upon rerolling a failed chainsaw. I have put up video of this on my twitch channel and it will be availbe for two weeks to review.

I will link the video below, the foul and dice logs occur just after the 5:10 mark.


Tizzle Bizzell

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I am not on an xbox one X. The stability issues on XboxOne have come about recently in my opinion for a long time i found the xbox version to be very reliable in my situation but im sure there some others out there that would say otherwise. Ive played about 10 matches in Champions ladder xiii and at least 3 of them ended with either my opponent disconnecting or myself.


In champions seasons 7-11(175-225 games played), i experienced 1 server disconnect and 1 more in season 12.

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I played two matches in champs tonight and both were disconnected from the server. The first my opponent disconnected in the middle of his turn. Then my following match it seems i have currently disconnected from the server. The second disconnect happen just seconds into my turn 8 as i was swlecting my first action a stand up. The bb2 program on my xbox was still running, i have game sound and control of the camera, but there is a little black box in the bottom right hand corner that has said waiting for server for over 7 minutes now.

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This was made by xbox legend Chelsea Zola and was too funny not share!