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In multiplayer (Online Leagues) there were many shut-downs per game (on average about five per game, I would say), while in single player there were far less (a little less than one per game on average).

Single player had roughly the same frequency wether logged in or not (though hard to say with certainty because I have played only a handfull of single player games).

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Latest addition:

Now I have played a few single player games (before only one or two).
The problem persists there but is much more rare. I have had two shut-downs in four single player games. Opposed to that, there were about four to six shut-downs in almost every multiplayer game I played.

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I would really appreciate any ideas on how to fix this.

I like Blood Bowl very much. It's just so painful to reboot the computer several times every game.

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No, the issues have started many months before upgrading to the Legendary Edition. However they have persisted after the upgrade.

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Yesterday I upgraded to Legendary Edition. The very next game (multiplayer) the same problem occurred: I had five crashes.

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Files are here:

But description itself:
The game crashes and the computer is shut down immediately. Not normal windows shut down, but like pulling the power cord.

This happens to me a lot. About 3 to 4 times each game. Consistent for most games in the last year or so. (I have played far fewer game since this started then before, but still it should be at least 15 games.)

I play in multiplayer, the large public leagues.

Attempted fixes (none of them worked):
I have checked the local files via Steam.
I have completely wiped the game from the PC and reinstalled it.
I have have tried the fixes described here:
I have tried different language settings (German and English).
Edit: Add to that: I installed the game on a new hard drive. Still no change in the problem.

I really, really liked the game a lot before this started...

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