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I'm frustrated like you are! Paid for a Multiplayer game so I can play with friends and it is missing BASIC FUNCTIONALITY that has been around for a decade and WAS PART OF THE ORIGINAL INSURGENCY!?!? I've discovered if you create a party in the lobby and then use the game's "Matchmaker," to find a game then your entire party will be pulled into the game. If, however, you want to select a specific server to play on...... you're out of luck. The rest of your party will sit there staring at their screens forever, because they won't automatically join the game with you. Ridiculous.

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I echo your concern. I was extremely frustrated not being able to join a match as an entire team by selecting the server I wanted. You are FORCED to use the games "matchmaker" to find a game and then it will pull the entire team into the match with you. The original Insurgency (and every other server browser enabled game, for that matter) has allowed you to do this for years.

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Thanks for the reply. You're right. If I use the games "Matchmaker" it pulls the entire party into the game. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a server browser though. The original Insurgency allowed you to do this. Pick whatever server you and your friends want to play on, and everybody joins automatically. Seems like we've taken a step backward here.

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When you create a party in the game lobby, shouldn't all party members AUTOMATICALLY start the game together when the leader joins a game? No other party members get pulled into the game when I select coop or pvp games. They are forced to browse the server list, find the same server I joined and then join it themselves!!! Unacceptable for a full release game in 2019!

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