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@mlb7 said in Daily reminder that the need for vote kicking is absolutely dire:

Mute has been used for years and can't be abused.

Ah yes, the one feature that automatically is disabled after a few minutes, for no reason? that's what my other thread is about, do feel free to upvote it!

Regardless the muting feature isn't an answer to continuous team damage, people hiding without wanting to do anything on push as the last survivors, or any creative way you can piss off your teammates on purpose (smoking your own objective, blocking sight on purpose, etc)

So I'm gonna give a hard no to that comment especially since I had explained that communications weren't the sole problem in the original post

@alexblonski said in Daily reminder that the need for vote kicking is absolutely dire:

If you're seeing someone cheating or harassing users, you can report them via this form:
Be sure to include the user's Steam name and a replay ID (from the history tab). This is the only permanent way to get rid of abusive users.

Shoo, I guess even the NWI staff doesn't read then

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It has been used in games for years. No matter if it has been used for harassment purposes, you would require a majority of players to be in favor of it. In most cases, it offers a much better alternative than leaving the toxic players on ESPECIALLY since, in most games, people will by default choose no even in cases where someone is toxic. It really requires to be pretty shitty to be vote kicked by everyone. And there's a lot of very, very shitty people ATM.

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@skillet said in Daily reminder that the need for vote kicking is absolutely dire:

Vote kicking is not the answer to cheating--reporting them and getting cheaters banned is the solution. Below is the link to report cheaters. Be sure to go to your History from the Sandstorm main menu and copy the game ID so you can include it in your report.

Report cheaters here:

Link to Easy Anti-Cheat Sandstorm Cheat Report

Ok, why are you talking about cheating on a thread that's not about it?
As far as I know I haven't met one, and keep running into fully cancerous people who TK, mic spam, or don't attack in push , often holding the game on hold for minutes.

@thenickgann said in Daily reminder that the need for vote kicking is absolutely dire:

The answer is the server browser. Several of us have independent servers, of which none are being used because of this asinine matchmaking nonsense. If you find some public servers you like, and keep going to them, admins will solve the bullshit problems. Which is what we should be focused on. As for now a bunch of bought servers for no reason.

The answer is to fix the game, especially when the community servers don't allow for tokens to be earned.

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It's incredible that the game got released without. Altho I'm enjoying sandstorm, this is the most uncomplete NWI release I've seen.

This is a KEY feature. The community on this game is the most cancerous of all milsim communities. Right now there's nothing to do in cases of people yelling nonsense in mics, one tapping everyone without killing them, or just blocking the game in push.

Pretty sure this is planned, but I'm also pretty sure it should have been in before release, so I'll hella push that one.

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@maa_bunny said in why no flashlight?:

They are confirmed to be added latter, along with NODs, once night maps are added.

It baffles me how many people don't understand the point of flashlights. Do you REALLY want to use them at night to get spotted? Do you /really/ think they're here to see better? And most importantly, didn't you see that they put them in insurgency waaaay before night maps were in?

Military flashlights aren't used in order for you to see better, they're made to blind enemies in close quarter combat, and they were great at that in insurgency. Would be top if they could add the actual proper version, that blinks in order for the target not to be able to know where the flashlight operator is. But it might be a bit too unbalanced.

Regardless we absolutely need them again

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If this is a design flaw, it's a massive one. If it's a bug, it should be a priority considering the serious cancer this community suffers from.

When I mute a person who suffers from a severe IQ deficiency and wishes to cope with it by constantly yelling utter nonsense in their mic, effectively preventing me from hearing footsteps while decreasing everyone's desire to see people below a certain IQ limit be processed into fuel; I would REALLY, EXTREMELY appreciate if my mutes remained instead of being deactivated a few minutes later for completely unknown and illogical reasons.

If I mute someone for very obvious reasons, I do not wish to hear them 5 minutes later.

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@whitby said in Incendiary grenades and TK:

Or... And bear with me on this... We just have friendly fire and votekick. Y'know, since the one time it gets abused in 100 games is a papercut compared to the malignant tumour of the damage reflection bullshit.

Don't get me wrong, we should have had a votekicking features AGES ago because of the cancerous community

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Incendiary grenades should NOT deal be counted as team damage to allies when they enter the area AFTER you throw it.

It's incredibly annoying to have team damage reflected to you because a life form barely intelligent enough to breathe decided to run into the fire like some kind of fucking moth while you're defending a point.

Alternatively you could give people an IQ test upon buying the game and if below 80 redirect them to the console version

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@tallsfalls said in Remove smokes in defense in push:

I know that feel... but I think it's okay to keep the smoke. People has to learn when to use smoke.

they never will. let's remove it.

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Or at least the smoke call in. Inb4 you can be very annoying to the enemy team by smoking a point before an open field. I don't care.

people are straight up stupid and smoke their own point in defense. PLEASE make it stop.

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