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And this is why I love the developers for Insurgency. They are listening!

Reduced player acceleration slightly.
Force players into a crouch when completing a slide.
Increased prone to standing transition time from 0.65 seconds to 1 second.
Cap player speed to prone speed during the prone to stand transition.


Increased bullet drop slightly for 5.56, 5.45, and 7.62 at long ranges.
Increased Ammo Check speed by 40%.
Increased free aim recoil slightly.


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Happened to me once as well. It was "firefight" mode, I was in spectator mode and waiting to respawn for the final round, but I didn't.

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@zyres said in Doesn't feel like the same old Insurgency:

-Drastically increase weapon recoil to minimize the 'spray and prey' tactic and make players focus on single fire and aiming. Take reference from the first Insurgency.
-Drastically increase weapon damage. 1-2 shots with an automatic rifle should be enough to down someone. Reward players that way. Take reference from the first Insurgency.

I couldn't agree with you more. This is what I've been meaning to say here, I just couldn't point out in words, but this is totally how I would like INS:S to be.

Unlike source Insurgency, INS:S feels like you're shooting flies and you can't really control your aim properly as your chrosshair seems to be bigger than the characters at any distance. There's currently some softness to it, I just couldn't describe it with words.

And yes, I agree with you with the map size, source Insurgency allows everyone to concentrate and build up team work on certain areas but still be able to make it tactical, but this one, it's all over the place!

There's no realism and tension at all.

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Still feels arcade-y (lack of term) compared to original Insurgency. Weapons feel like less there's less power because they are lacking feedback unlike the first one which gives you a feeling of weight with the way weapons sway as you fire and the impact as you hit enemies.

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First, I know it's beta so I'd like to contribute by providing feedback, I don't know if there are similar threads before, but I would just like to point out something that I have noticed when firing weapons in Sandstorm compared to the first Insurgency.

Firing a gun in Sandstorm feels like there's less kick to it than firing a weapon in the original Insurgency.

In the first insurgency, it's louder, and somehow it really brings you the feeling of firing a weapon but in Sandstorm, sometimes I can't really tell if I actually fired my weapon. The recoil feels softer, the weapon not loud enough or sometimes the environment sound is louder than your weapon, and it really feels like there's less tactile feedback?

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