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@iyagovos Here to say that observer mode is super important to getting better quality streams and online video content. The online creators are the lifeblood of multiplayer community, with ability to host tournaments and give live commentary. Getting an indication that multiplayer utility features like observer mode, battle replays, and end of battle summary statistics like the Total War series would give a lot more faith in the longevity of the multiplayer scene with this game. Overall great work enjoying the game, currently the funnest warhammer 40k multiplayer game on the market!

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Overall I'm enjoying the game and it's the funnest available Warhammer 40k multiplayer experience available, but it's missing a couple of features like the summary statistics and battle replays.

At the end of battles one of the more interesting aspects is seeing statistics which give a good idea how you performed. Think total war warhammer where you can see how many kills, and losses you experienced per unit. It would be really cool to see how much damage each of your ships did, boarding actions performed, damage taken etc.. Especially when it comes to 2v2's with friends where it would be cool to see who did more work, who was the hammer and who was the anvil.

Missing battle replays I also find to be a huge deal. Watching replays is a great way to learn and improve your performance. Want to know how an enemy spanked you so hard in multiplayer, watch the replay and see how. Youtubers want to cover past interesting in games in depth, use the replay and break it down.

Quality online coverage of games is huge for building community and interest in games. With replays missing online video content will suffer. I don't want to knock the game and create a negative vibe in the sub. I like this game a lot and want to see it succeed. These things are feature request and I want it to catch the eye of the devs.