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@Jellyfoosh Any chance of seeing a Coop or Head2Head campaign in the near future? And more ships for campaign factions?

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GCs seem like the way to go nowadays. A bit more range on Executor and Retaliator would be appreciated but they still work. How does it fare against nids? I assume the Execs are the meatshield until the Despoilers clear close threats

Later Edit:

Made a similar fleet(3 idolators and 1 infidel only difference). Had quite some fun against Navy (3BB + GC and escorts) and Tau(2BBs and Tolkus). Executors and 3 escorts draw the fire while Despoilers grind lone targets from half the map away.
As soon as the enemy commits on taking the Executors, Despoilers close in from flank/back.
Seeing how under-used the Execs are, I'm happy with the results.

Only issue I encountered is deciding which ship to be flagship. Despoilers stay quite far away for most of the match to make heavy use of ordnance and not become a prime target for engaging. So too far away for most skills to be useful. Makes me think MWJ+ other is best so it can help where needed in due time. Executors on the other hand get plenty of action and opportunities but are at risk.

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Yeah, I was under the impression that assault craft are also considered boarding actions, because of the launch bay requirement. Good to know.
What fleets have you been running lately?

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@canned_f3tus said in Chaos:

change Hell Drakes to benifit Squadrons as a whole.

What do you mean by that? Doesn't it affect boarding craft? This should be changed immediately if so.
Demonic Infestation really needs scaling with ships.

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Ran the other day into a Tyranid "incendiary" fleet. I counted some 8+ escorts(I suppose Krakens, had 400hp and no shield) and 3 line ships.
Never though they could start so many fires in such a short time. After the first 4 fires started I decided to wait a bit on the repair and did at around 10?(they were so many that I couldn't count them:D). And the player missed his AoE fire starting skill on the hiveships yet fires kept appearing and ruining morale.
One of the fastest defeats I had in quite a while but looking forward to facing it again.

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I'm thinking that the devs wanted to keep the amount of entities that may affect the outcome of a battle to a minimum when they decided to skip features present in the past game's multiplayer but this is a game based on a tabletop with dice.
I for one like the added challenge of having to adapt to an unforeseen situations. Bigger celestial bodies are welcome, i'd go as far as having some of them move through the map.
The asteroid fields ideas are most welcome.

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Wholeheartedly agree that 2v2 needs focus.
1v1 ranked is just fine and should be the go-to game mode for balancing purposes but for the game to be closer to "completion" it needs to also let people prove their skills as a team in ranked.

Matches are way more entertaining in 2v2, giving the opportunity of covering your own fleets weakness with a teammate and faction imbalances aren't as obvious. Not to mention the whole spectacle of lights(superficial, I know) from all the ships in action.
But unless you already have a mate is not possible to put in practice as there is no lobby to prepare for the battle with random teammate, make a plan or smth.

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Well, I'm yet to run a fleet that works well vs all races.
The 4bb fleet above got me into gold rankings the past week, i'll see how it does further. For the time being it feels a bit cheesy as it's hard to down a BB without good focus.
I find eldars of all kinds are rare these days, running mostly into necrons and human factions. Still waiting on an Ork to ruin my day also.

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The playerbase is still decent from what I've seen. I haven't waited for more than half a minute to find a match during normal hours EU zone.

There's not much to be done to diversify fleet composition unless the devs add certain bonuses to encourage mixed fleets(or maybe penalty points?) for having too many ships of the same type). It could encourage people to try something new. Else, only other solution is to do regular patches to shift the meta. Some people will be pissed of course but it will "refresh" the gameplay.

A controversial solution could be enlarging maps and throwing additional points to fleets, so players could be forced to create fleets that should/could be split into several groups, each capable of fielding line ships, a carrier and escorts so they are prepared to handle engagements on all ranges/ speeds by themselves. Of course, this would also make matches against stealthy/kitey factions much more unbearable and would extend match time by quite a bit.

OR, as another idea, maybe they'll bring back individual ship upgrades in the future with a new(?old?) game mode. Skills should remain only on flagship though. On too many occasions I would dismiss the use of a fleet because the available upgrades would not properly suit all the ships.
The longevity of games like Dota and similar is assured by the frequent balance changes. Buffs/Nerfs here and there just enough to ensure that an established composition isn't as successful as before. Let the players have their fun for a couple of months then change it again.

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@torgen said in Chaos:
Indeed, alpha is somewhat low but the amount of crits tend to make up for it. The task is simple: always focus the nearest enemy and disable it(prio 2+ engines/gen) and as soon as flagship is visible, set it as priority 1.

Desolators can kite a bit with the 200 speed they have but the absence of HET can hurt against torpedoes or keeping up dps. But with high reload time on lances, the effect is diminished a bit. They are tanky enough to be able to boost out of range without taking too much damage unless the enemy ignores the other 3 ships. With Deso admiral you can go as far as having it on front line to deploy the bombs fast and provide a juicy bait, risky nonetheless.

And with the Despoiler set on reload in the back line with its 3(4) launch bays you have a decent chance of scouting the front line if there aren't any clouds in the immediate vicinity and it will punish the first ship that enters it's range to brawl with the Desos. Except the initial scouting, despoiler bombers are only sent after the most isolated/nearest enemy, unless there enemy ordnance to consider as well which takes priority.

Skills usually consist of stasis and disruption bombs to deter the enemy from closing in. MWJ might be useful as well to get some easy torps and rams but I haven't used it anymore since the delay was added.

Upgrades offer few possibilities, depending which ship you chose as admiral and subfaction of choice.
As you said detection can be an issue, but against this setup, most factions will want to close in fast. Still waiting on the Eldari matchup.

Regarding your fleet, I like the idea much as well. Styx and Acherons for the lance support/scouting and Carnages for macro power.
My only gripe is the Carnages can get crited fast so you have to be extra careful about them. And Infidels but I guess you wanted to use all points possible without changing the whole fleet 😃