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Rogue Factor has already demonstrated they are capable of delivering a complete game with Mordheim. They also went the early-access route with Mordheim and were very open with it's early development - I believe this time around they want to try a more cautious approach and wait until the game is polished before showing it off.

I do not disagree that it would be difficult to capture everything that makes Necromunda special in a video game -- but I think the speculation that the game will poor quality is completely unwarranted. I suggest you investigate Mordheim before casting judgement on Necromunda before it's even released.

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What i don't get is the real time move before you find the enemy.

If it's like other games with similar mechanics, you and your opponent move your respective units concurrently. Your units maintain their normal limitations, so once they've performed x amount of actions they must end their turn and you move your next unit. You repeat this until one of your units runs into one of your enemies units, then the game returns to the standard turn-based mechanics you are familiar with.

This typically speeds up the tedium of the early game - for better or for worse.

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Definitely not 2017.

Will there be an early access version like there was for Mordheim? I personally really enjoyed the EA Version of Mordheim, instantly testing the new content on patch day with max level units was really great content on it's own, imo.

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@Game-kNight Enjoyed the video, I think being able to shoot into melee combat is pretty important - with a chance to hit your own units, this makes for more interesting and balanced combat.

As for gangs I'd like to see in the game, I'm really hoping for Pit Slaves - they've got some fun weaponry and a unique look about them. I'd also like to see Enforcers or Spyrers as they're both high-tech and field a small but powerful warband which I personally prefer to larger warbands.