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I would not have high hopes you would get your money back, as then everyone would use misunderstanding as a loophole for refunds. they have denied refunds for kids randomly emptying parent wallets before.

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Finding game in quick match might be one of hardest trophies eventually 😉 god forbid Mordheim trophy list and requirements

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I thought some early feedback may be useful:

a) some of thinnest test is barely readable both on 1080p PS4 pro with superscaling on and from what I've seen from PC streams. other than some odd font, readability is fine;
b) early on Blood Angels campaign I had missions gene stealers did not even try to attack whole mission because I think I just set up in a way they could not find a way. maybe later they have some other options available rather than charging through overwatch, but that is surely better than doing absolutely nothing in Veteran difficulty
c) try to avoid using the acronym as game is not SHIT even if you make it LOOK like it. even typing this it's "SHT - GENERAL DISCUSSION" 😉

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Will there be any dedicated MP league, like CCL in that other game, you know. Or will it be just token casual MP like, say, Mordheim?

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Fewest concessions are ok. As it is stated, it is unlikely to happen often since players are in control of their results at all times and can avoid having same record at will. I like it for psychological effect it might have to discourage concessions.

However, since it is always within coach's power to avoid exact record, bar the cutoff of CCL, I'd use only one tie breaker, who got the record first. I see no reason to incentivize somebody trying to exploit somebody being in work/sleeping/wutevs, playing games last day(s), and coming short of just one game to avoid exact record.

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Learn advantages and disadvantages of whatever you are playing. AGI4 teams can just disconnect at 2+, limit chaos to 1 block per turn and win the game even with 5 players left. Regular bash (dorfs, orcs), mix of bash and kill (chorfs, khemri), would have taken more guard than chaos killers, and have as many or more mighty blow. If you hit first, it's easy win even if you end up with few more cas on your side than usual. True killers norse can just outkill chaos, you just offer them medicine of their own. Regen teams work samey like bash. They cas you, you get regen, they do not. Just make sure you can score before they bring too many of your guys on reserves bench. Any real problems are for teams which are mostly good vs elves, as speed without agility is not that sexy, and your damage potential nor strength is not great.

Generally, always consider fouling. A good foul is unparalleled in effectiveness of removals (and saw is unparalleled for fouling). If you can't prevent them from scoring, go for hurting. Generally do not be a rabbit in headlights. Do not play the victim. Make sure you actually play a game and stop self-pitying yourself when somebody has better toys. They paid their dues to get there iykwim . Does not mean your toys are any less effective and you can deal with losing them far better than chaos can.

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Short answer: woodelves. Others shine depending on situation. Low TV armored elves are quite good, as the gap in bashing capabilities between elves and anything bashy elsewhere is not that huge. Late deep throwing elves are better as you cannot reasonably expect to trade blows with anything and come on top. Low to mid TV inbuilt dodge is also important before everyonehas tackle to aim for attrition.

Welves just check most of these boxes, with wardancers being on top, offering ball sacking chance even for idiots. Union is not as bad as it may seem, but requires better knoledge of the game, as your survivability is worse than welves with tricks relevant only on sky high TVs.

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This list while clearly thought out, lacks really any explanation of note. "What problem you are solving, what way, how does it work". Yeah, quite a few are self-explanatory. Does not mean arbitrary personal changes are above clear reasoning in terms of importance.

Then I can only assume half of justifications. First and foremost, you seem to think all races should be similarly competitive in CCL kind of system. Certainly a sentiment I adhere to, if I stop thinking right there. Thing is, those races are designed to best perform at different conditions. CCL is only one of the systems. Being compatible with other metas is still important. One simple solution for CCL to take minor step towards such goal would be to straight ban chaos/nurgle. By design they are supposed to be broken at # games --> infinity limit, and to fix that you'd need way more than to increase RR price. 30 TV just does not matter at 2000 TV. But is this even a problem? Can people in CCL not deal with chaos/nurgle? Do they dominate at unplayable levels? So why fix problem which hardly exists.

Decision to straight remove loners from most big guys is mind-numbing. What problem is fixed there? "Decision whether to use RR on a loner is too hard for me"? I get it could be a buff for underplayed big guys, but you remove loner on bloody kroxigor.

It would be much appreciated if one would not have to rely on strawman arguments to think about changes suggested, and personal preference tweaks would be clearly separated from those fixing actual problems. Also stating your ideal design clearly would make things much easier. It's clear that at any TV, human race playstyle, tweaked towards extremes in various ways is at the core of design. Some races move the ball better, some bash. Elevating gimmicky races with unique mechanics to same winrates as core races simply breaks the game. Not to mention it rewards bad game design where uniqueness of a race stems not from fine balancing creating unique playstyle, but lazy extra layer of mechanics players need to learn yet use only very rarely.

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don't like this for those reasons:

a) does it fix some problem? no. so low priority and can create actual real problem.

b) who benefits? somebody clearly good enough to win the damn thing. I see such person having any benefit only if it is a time-strapped coach. which should be minority of people in playoffs anyways, just because CCL incentivizes (and should) playing more games.

c) who loses out. that #8 wildcard more often than not. only if the winning team was beaten into oblivion. otherwise you'd see something powergamey taking the top spot, like welves with +2 ST lvl7 wardancers who would not even be in any risk of dying before next playoffs. and playoffs themselves would be only 5 games...

d) hurts diversity in competition (literally same team in back-to-back playoffs).

Having said that, the core idea I do approve. champion teams are pretty much deadweight. Why not making a custom competition for such teams? as there is no guarantee none of them deleted, make a friendly one first with whoever still have those teams (have Fan Favorite still alive for looser conditions), then announce like next 8 champs going into something like champions league cup with monetary prize, so there's an incentive to keep the teams and/or return from exodus. given you'd gather champs over 8 seasons, you'd need to take away very little cash from current rewards to get a sizeable pool. take away 10 % of current 1st place and you will have a 400 eur pool for the people you took money from.

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I would also add buying a player into dead man's position does not crash, just moving existing player.