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Just one of the funnier things I noticed when going thru the new campaign. I get that the call to arms function lowers boarding damage by half (so 1 dmg become 0.5), but I just find it funny trying to visualize it. Like perhaps it's a Slaaneshi marine taking his time, idk, anything's possible with the power of Chaos.
kill 0.5.jpg

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Since the game is going along nicely, here are just some minor things I noticed.

So for the Tyranid campaign, when going against the Aeldari, there's 'waitm' in the second to last line.

For one of the Necron intro cinematics, there's no space for 'hasarrived'.

Again, really minor issues but worth noting.

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I think the cause of this could using custom settings to alter the return value but wanted to post this for the record.
filler revoke.jpg

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The following filler text happens when one of the transport ships is destroyed (can't save everyone). The only thing I could potentially think of that could cause this is that I am playing on custom settings so maybe the values are messed up.


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Here lies a captain so stalwart to the Imperial Navy a commissar would shed a single tear of pride:
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Thanks for passing along the upcoming campaign news yesterday. I was wondering if you can pass along the issue with the Imperial campaign seen below:
I'm looking forward to the update, but being a faithful servant to the Emperor, I'd like to go back to the Imperial campaign in case the temptation of Chaos grows too strong while playing the new campaign.

The Emperor Protects,

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@Jellyfoosh Yes, Inquisitor, this is the post I warned you about..

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We'll see how it goes, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Right now I'm placing my hopes in the upcoming single-player update to keep me playing.

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Oh man, this is good to hear! I just reinstalled BFGA1 with the VI mod. I can't wait to see it for this game.

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Hey Guys,

I've played through BFG's 1&2 and supported this one since the beta. I keep seeing posts about issues with the multiplayer in terms of current metas, cancer-builds, imbalance, wait times, and player drop-off. As someone who cares about the future of this game, but isn't the biggest fan of competitive ladders, I think having a laid-back multiplayer option would help the community.

I played in season 1 and found I only enjoyed 1/4 of my matches (regardless of winning or losing). Right now, I am sticking to the campaigns but am tiring out of that now too. I'd like to play cooperatively with new players instead of just the versus option. Currently, 2v2 AI is restricted to friends-only and mine did not pick up the game. A good example of my suggestion is StarCraft 2's co-op feature that allows 2 random players to join against the AI. Granted for BFG2, it could be much different based on restrictions.

Going back to the issue of viable builds, each faction has dozens of ships but only a select few are viable for multiplayer. Having a cooperative environment could encourage more experimentation. This is my idea, what do you all think? One thing I'm missing out from the game by sticking to campaign is the community. So if you guys think this is a good idea or not, please let me know.