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The Xbox One Bug in Chapter 12 is still there.
Lost my weapon and if I try to get new bullets I'm getting only the audio damn it only one bullet left and the following text in the section of the subtitles. M09S08_MON_PIERCE_New_BulletsForLater_Loca2

Just checked again before posting, there are no updates available for the game. Game was purchased via Microsoft Store.

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After hours of playtime I came across a game breaking bug in Chapter 12.
Dying is a very bad occurrence there because you can't use the gun anymore. It is not held up and if you try to get new bullets at the location Cat is you get only the message that it's the last bullet. Also with an long error code at the location where you have usually the subtitles.

It might be possible to rung past all possessed but until now I wasn't able to do this and it's getting frustrating. I hope this bug will be fixed as I don't have the motivation to start a new game to be able to beat it.

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