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I agree with the whole movement thing and jumping. Just feels a bit clunky to me. I realize it's a zombie game though and the movement has to be a little different to add to the drama.

I'm used to playing Uncharted 2, 3 and 4 online and personally feel like that game is the staple for third-person shooting games. It's not perfect by any means but have had a blast playing those games.

WWZ is pretty good but still feel like the movement could be a little more fluid. And I'd like to see a little more jumping/climbing ability. I keep feeling like there's things I should be able to get up on and can't. Yet these zombies can climb up anywhere.

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Not sure I agree about all the points but do agree overall that there won't much much longevity for the game.

The thing that seems to generally drive me in online games are ranks, stats and unlocks. Basically to me those are the core things that keep me coming back to a game.

I look at something like the Uncharted online games which have been my favorite over the past 10 years or so. Those games always had stats showing your wins, losses, kills, kills broken down by gun ,etc, etc.....Just lots of stuff to work on and sink your teeth into. There were also plenty of levels and things to unlock along the way.

I think WWZ is on the right track....The gun unlocks and classes are pretty cool. But that's all there really is to work toward and once you get your favorite class done there isn't much left to do.

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I'd like to see them add a jump button and make it easier to climb up on things in the maps.

I just feel like the are quite a few things in these maps I should be able to climb on but can't. I know sometimes it lets you climb by pushing a button when your near something but sometimes I want to do something like jump up on a car or something and can't.

Would just like to be able to move around the environments a little more fluidly.

Loving the game though and the zombie hordes are really great. Looking forward to seeing this game developed even further with new modes or whatever else.

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I've played about 5 games so far and twice I've had the game crash.

Last night, was right at the end of the final Tokyo co-op stage and I get the blue screen popping up on ps4 with and error of some sort and it booted me from the game.

Same thing happened on another level a couple days ago....can't recall the level.

Frustrating to play a whole chapter and lose everything I earned the whole game long.

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I agree with this. A horde mode with increasing difficulty waves would be cool.

I think it would be great to add some scoring to it also for leaderboards or something.

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A survival battle royal game mode. This could be an individual mode and/or could also have a team based mode with maybe 2-3 players per team.

However, the mode would have zombies roaming around and chasing you in addition to other players.

Basically it would be like a Fortnite type mode with no dumb building and much more excitement with Zombies chasing you around and maybe making you sneak around a little more. But killing zombies could yield some nice drops like heavy weapons or whatever that could help you against the other "human" players.

Could make for a fun mode IMO and be WAY more interesting/exciting than fortnite.

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Agree. I want to play this on other PS4's besides just one.

Annoying that we have 2 PS4's in the house and on one system I'm a level 10 and on the other I'm a level 1 when I log in.

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I guess adding the option to play first person would be okay but I'm a third person player and it's tough finding good third person shooters.

There's plenty of other first person shooter games out there so appreciate when a good third person one comes along.

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I'd like to suggest a single player and/or maybe even coop mercenaries type mode where you could have waves of zombies coming at you with harder and harder difficulties. And would like to see a scoring type system for different types of zombies killed, headshots, etc, etc...with leaderboards for this mode.....Maybe daily high scores, career high scores, completions, etc.

I remember one of the Resident Evil games had a mode like this and it was a lot of fun.

Just an idea.

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I agree with this. There needs to be some sort of end boss at the end of these levels. Everything feels very anti-climatic when they end.

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