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Great post! I do not play as Orks, but your general suggestions I think really hit the nail on the head.

I am a Tyranid player (I know, everyone hates me etc) and I love this game for all of the variety that it allows with each and every match-up. So much love and attention has gone into the game and it is really a lot of fun to play.

You were correct when you talked about the shift in the meta. There is now a really huge focus on squadrons. I recently played a match that is very similar to what you described: hiding in the back and launching so many fighters. Yes, brace for impact and stay close, and then call to arms....but I don't want to do that every single fight, right? a little repetitive! So what do I do? I build fleets with much more fighter capacity! And even MORE capacity than my opponent! Like you said, I have now become part of the problem, because when I play the fleets I want to play, I invariably will loose if facing the carrier fleets.

I like your idea of some sort of counters to squadron spamming...turrets are ok, but I feel like if you send a squadron of fighters to one capital ship (line ship) with full turrets, the fighters should really be torn up badly, and I think that turrets should be a little more resistant to fighter attacks. Perks or skills could be nice, although I don't want it to be that everyone gets a necron starpulse. Each race has a flavor and I want them to each feel unique.

Detection range of squadrons, yes, I think a reduction is in order. Having said that, I would increase their engagement range: meaning that if another fighter squadron flies by them, they move to engage (i've had fighters and torpedoes pass by my squadrons very closely without intercepting). Half the detection range, but increase their engagement range to whatever they can spot (maybe even including enemy ships?).

Veto...I'm not sold on this, only because part of the fun is that variety. As a Tyranid player, I always groan when I see I'm going to face a Dark Eldar...but I fist-pump when I am about to play against Imperial Navy! We all have strengths and weaknesses, and now that we can adjust skills before a battle, I'm ok with whatever match-up I get.

I agree that close range should be the 'danger zone'! I'd like to see each race deal with this differently, but that's a different topic all together. Boarding craft from afar should be much weaker, I think, than a close range boarding action, or else we all devolve into carrier fleets for boarding (in Tyranid fleets especially). I don't know...I like the idea of carrier fleets too, but it's such an extreme and specialized type of ship that it should have stronger drawbacks too. I do like that they have charges now, but it doesn't quite seem like enough.

In any case, great post. Love this game, hope to see you online!

P.S. - I just played an ork fleet that had some amazing front kannons that tore through my ships at range...they were evaporating my battlecruisers! I think they were dual kannons and they had the increased accuracy stance on. OUCH!

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Yes! This is another thing I agree with on boarding. If not for balance, then simply for the effect. Ships should't 'hulk' in 1 second. I want each race to have different engagement times, as well as different troop damages/crit %. Things like tyranids just move utterly quickly and swarm the bulkheads of the enemy ships. They should be fast (but not instant) at hulking ships. Tau should be slow. SM should be....slow-ish, but they have a higher crit chance so that would make sense. In fact haha, SM would be cool because they send over such a small amount of elite troops and they could go from bulkhead to bulkhead, securing positions, moving forward, setting up defensive would be neat to have SM on your ship just slowly taking out your troop capacity over the course of a full 60 seconds or something. Tyranids should drop you in about 10 seconds (from 0-100% troop damage). Orks about the same or just a tiny bit longer. and so on and so forth.

What I would like to see with Tyranids is that we reduce their assault range. Maybe eliminate the boarding craft all together, and half the distance you can board with tyranids. I even suggested at one point that tyranids only be allowed to board if they are in contact with the enemy ship. Now that would be cool AND thematic. Only problem is that we have the change the 'rush' ability for nids. It's just way too much of a burst of speed. Make it organic, make it accelerate, make it slower but allowed to maneuver well and over a longer period of time. Make them feel like they are 'hunting' and closing in on the kill.

I'm getting off tangent.

But yes to the OP suggestion.

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@drunkbacongod said in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is out today!:

PS: making tyranids more expensive might duct tape current issue but it breaks the lore, there should be tons of tyranids in a fleet but they shouldn't be strong. Mass vs quality.

Yes, this exactly! I would rather we make tyranids much weaker ship-wise, and have many more of them. Tyranids are supposed to be 'without number'. I made a separate post about this very thing.

Otherwise, all excited about everything BFGA:2 related!

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Agreed! 0 range should mean that my nids are chomping on the enemy fleet

And while they don't have a large amount of numbers now, I hope that the Devs change things with the points and ships enough that tyranids feel more like a whole swarm.

If that's the case, I'm most certainly going to be relying on the auto-target and 0 range!

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Hahah...that's...actually a good idea.
I like the sound for tracking sense, I always put it on my escorts.
The other stances don't really sound any different.

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@aram_thehead said in The Necron manoeuvrability problem:

They have a very weird way of turning. When you order to change direction, instead of stopping and then turning, they keep going forward while turning, thus they describe a gigantic circle. It wouldn't be a big problem if they didn't crash into each other so often because of this

I think a lot of bigger ships have the same problem. When i want my ships to 'turn on a dime', I make sure they turn off their engines first and make the turn, that way they don't do the big circle turn, and instead pivot.

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My friend had the same issue: for him, the intel driver wasn't updating as it should have, and he manually had to do it.

I'd say make sure all drivers are updated, but it looks like you may have done that.

Devs got back to him to help him fix it, so here's to hoping that you'll get yours fixed asap!

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Id like to see boarding power reduced across the board for all but the tyranids. Maybe not as much as 20%...maybe change it per faction (some factions would be better at boarding than others). But for the tyranids, I'd recommend maybe removing the boarding craft from the carriers (not very niddy - too long ranged), and decrease their regular boarding range.

I wrote another longer post about changes I'd recommend for tyranids.

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Formations is not at all a bad idea.