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I kinda agree but imo the only reason this is a problem is because all of the other guns are too weak.

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@cool_lad Well, what even is light armor in this game? is it kevlar? if so that won't stop a 7.62x51. Even if it somehow did the impact alone could still kill you. (breakig ribs and puncturing organs)

I think light armor should be kevlar. So it can stop pistol rounds but not rifle rounds.

I would have to test more but i think heavy armor is already ok.

@cool_lad said in BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything:

wearing no armour mean a 1 shot kill from at least all primaries (or even all calibers), since you're essentially wearing nothing.


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THANK YOU so much for actually going into detail about this! I don't have the patience to go point to point correcting people.

The calibers simply need to be modeled better in general.

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@mainfold Yea the MP7 is great but situational, and working fine right now imo. There aren't any AP rounds in the game atm though. (maybe that could fix the problem??)

The absolute best weapon in the game hands down is the MK14 EBR, nothing but the FAL comes close to its capabilities when it comes to being able to switch from long range to room clearing on the fly. Due to firerate and 1-2 shot range.

I'm pumped for the new weapons but it won't fix the problem. An M4 or L86 in game more closely compares to an (MP7) practically speaking in the way it can actually be used in game.

The single and only point i'm trying to make is. Because weapons exist in game that are absolutely hands down better than any of the 5.56 or 7.62x39 weapons. This forces you to use them whenever possible.

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This would
1- Most importantly this would help the problem of splitting the player base.

2-Highlight the games strongest points. (small team tactical gameplay)

3-Create demand for quality firefight dedicated maps that have been beta tested by the players.

4-Create an environment that you are able to simply jump into but at the same time get a great competitive experience

5-Keep players invested because they want to rank up ( rank based unlocks for example)

All that is needed is a single very strong game mode that showcases what the game has to offer and keep that the main focus.

Right now it feels like Insurgency: Sandstorm can't decide what it wants to be.

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This game is perfectly suited to 5v5 firefight.

I propose completely getting rid of casual firefight and renaming competitive to simply ''Firefight'' and keep it ranked.

This would require better balancing mechanics and substitute players to be put into the game when someone leaves.

It would be simple, smooth, and cater to exactly what this game has to offer.

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We need maps specifically made for firefight. Small complex maps that are beta tested.

I want to actually fight over a balanced B obj. All of the maps are very one sided.

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Hi, yea this was a response to your post.

The FAL is the insurgents less powerful version of the EBR. The G3 compares more closely to the SVD practically speaking.

The FAL does not one shot unarmored targets past roughly 50m. Where the EBR has much greater 1 shot range.

The FAL is not the problem here. The problem is lower calibers not getting a 1 shot kill in the vitals. ( yea yea i understand its possible to get shot in a vital organ and still fight for a short period) But unless they add a bleed out mechanic my suggestion to buff 7.62x39 and 5.56 is the only other practical option.

Nerfing anything at this point would just bring the game closer in line with every other arcade fps out there.

I would be very hesitant to make any significant changes to armor, it could easily create a new meta where everyone runs armor and lowering the time to kill.

I agree that armor isn't perfect. But because i don't use it i can't go into detail of what should be done about it.

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The only other game I've been playing in the past couple years is Insurgency. The only game I've been playing since Sandstorm was released is Sandstorm. 90% of my 540 hrs is in competitive and more recently in DGL pugs.

Listen. Forget your PP penetration for a minute.

What i'm saying is there is a clear meta** because of weapon damage. EBR/somthing comparable or a gun under 20% weight. Anything else is situational at best.

The current damage model is damn close. If they made vital hit boxes it would work fine.

But at the moment it just creates a meta where everyone uses the same guns.

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oh yea that's right about the SCAR... why tf...

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