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I saw that the team had been working closely with Games Workshop while they were developing the new tabletop game, are you still working with the GW team, and have you had a chance to play the tabletop game yet?

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Great to see some details about the game, looking forward to finding out more!

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So now we know from that there's going to be at least some kind of regular challenge (I assume story driven campaign), Conquest Mode, and competitive multiplayer.

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I have to agree, I've always loved games where you need to achieve the objective despite a superior opposition.

I'd also like to see more games where you need to achieve the objective then extract afterwards, because that changes it from throwing everything in on a suicide mission, to a true tactical challenge.

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@game-knight said in Gameplay modes:

There is so much more they can do with the game modes - I think that the reason why we didn't see more in Mordheim, was because it is a small company and their resources were limited.

Again, for the devs, YakTribe Gaming has an abundance of resources in this regard:

That's a very nice selection of missions there, thanks for the link.

With regards to game modes I was thinking about how you link all those missions together.

So for single player you have a story that takes you from one scripted mission to the next.

With skirmish you get a random / chosen mission against another gang of (hopefully) equal strength.
There's the opportunity to have gang progression with Skirmish, so you can unlock things or level up your gang as you play more, but skirmish games tend to be very much one off games.

A multiplayer campaign is probably the most difficult to put into the game, especially for a small team, but would be the most like the Necromunda campaigns from tabletop, that in my opinion were the most fun. It would inevitably pit gangs of unequal strength against each other, but give the weaker gang various advantages such as selecting the mission or rewards in order to try and balance things.
This type of game mode could be expanded to feature dynamic mission types, so imagine that you've selected a raid against your opponent, things go really well for you and it could turn into a territory grab, things go badly for you and it might end up being an extraction trying save your wounded gang leader.

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@glarghface said in Gameplay modes:

Well, Mordheim has the regular campaign and the a Skirmish mode. of course we can expect a campaign with each different house and a Skirmish mode, but a Multiplayer mode would be a quite nice and excellent addition.

The main gripe with the single player campaign is that missions offer not much variety (except story missions). I just hope they spice the mission types following the TT model and mix it up with the gang war element.

I guess one of the problems in single player is that part of it is tutorial, and the story missions need to feel special so they can't have regular single player missions follow the same format, which restricts what mission types can be used.

Having said that, there are a lot of different mission types from the old Necromunda, and hopefully some new ones will come out of the new Necromunda, so ideally there should be plenty of mission variety.

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I've not played Mordheim before, can anyone tell me what kind of gameplay modes were in that (and presumably are likely to be in Necromunda too)?

I'm hoping for some single player campaigns for the various houses / factions, a skirmish mode with gang development, and a multiplayer territory war.

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