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So after the ban was over I played 2 competitive matches and got another ban for 24h just for leaving the game after it was already over. You basicaly can't click 'leave game' at all, even after the match is over you just have to wait till it returns to menu...

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Had this twice in a row. One ban over, played 2 competitives and another ban for 24h...

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Maybe just turn this penalty off until you fix all the bugs that force people to actually get the penalty by restarting the game...

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Guys I played a match. In 3rd or 4th round the bug with no weapon appeared so I Alt+F4 game, started it again, joined the match, finished it and when we wanted to play another one I got this msg
"You have suffered a penalty for leaving a match early. You will be able to play again in 1,420 minutes"... On fu***in friday evening I get this for trying to repair the damn game... Seriously?
alt text

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Funny thing is that people want 100 fps in a game from 2018 on a PC from 1998... I have some minor problems with game stability but nothing that would make playing impossible like some people are saying...

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Here's my newest montage. Hope you'll enjoy 😉

Youtube Video

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Bring it on guys! I'm ready! My computer is ready! My family knows I'm dead for a day! Upload it! ;p

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Hey guys!
Just wanna say I love this game. I played first Insurgency for about half year with my friends and than another half year solo but I guess it didn't catch me like 100%... when I saw new Insurgency comeing I preordered it and than it happened... I have almost 200 hours now and still playing. I have a small youtube channel but it's mostly in Polish (surprise) but I have a cinematic montage/frag movie section which covers no comment vids so feel free to check it out. By the way I made 2 episodes of Cinematic gameplay from Insurgency Sandstorm already (some of you are there ^^)and I can't wait to start another one. I posted them here on forum so if you want you can check it out... I guess all this proves how crazy about this game I've became ;p
Great work New World Interactive. I was looking for such game for a verry long time. In the past I played Americas Army. It was my dream game but now it's Insurgency Sandstorms turn 😉 Thanks for the fantastic game and wish you the best in the future.

P.S. But I hope for bit more fps after tomorrows update 😉

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