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I totally agree with you about how game experience is just great and balanced as it is yet what I proposed was just an idea regarding how to make gameplay more fluid or more immersive because of the way you handle the guns. Again I think that immersion that game creates is perfect and shouldn't be spoiled cause I love the game mechanics and all the limitations it puts. But maybe if they limit the side scope attachments with certain classes and certain points and maybe even for certain zooms in my opinion it'd just be a cool thing to see in Insurgency Sandstorm. That's my opinion anyways

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What do you guys think about it ? Is it worth adding or would it be too unbalanced or just simply not necessary ?

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I was wondering if devs could add side scope attachments to customization options, would be cool to play with two scopes and being able to change it fluidly in-game would be great in my opinion. About game physics I was wondering if there is any richocheting in game. If there is, it's a cool detail but if there is not, that might be great if you guys could add it. I wonder what people who plays the game thinks about these too. If you guys agree with me maybe devs might hear what we say huh 🙂 I wrote this to steam community and a few people seemed to be interested in side scope attachment idea as well. Would be great to see it in-game.

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I get this on every game mode but especially on "Versus" game mode, my in-game textures are loading in like 4 or more minutes and I'm being kicked out of the server, or I'm just waiting in spawn until I can see my guns, my HUD, or other players bodies and most of the time their arms are dislocated and looking horrifying until it loads. I selected Auto in video settings and my settings are nearly all medium. I have 8gb Ram and have Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050. I hope this would be resolved as soon as possible.

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