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It seems to be hit or miss. When I see AI, they seem to zip for me constantly and I'm dead with headshots.. I've seen people double my rank get shot in their feet then wipe out all the AI yet I turn a corner and get brained right away... Doesn't seem to make sense...

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Not sure that the core gameplay is where it should be... This game uses 5x more resources than the first one and it not as smooth at all with spikes here n there. I think working on the optimization should be primary focus in addition to undoing the bug this patch created (now my hands are always invisible when I take out my pistol or a nade (which the patch was supposed to fix....). Something one private hoster found beneficial was for the servers to restart every 4 hours which helped with the lag.

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this CBQ style is what makes this game nice.. Go to BF4 or Arma for that giant scale warfare. It's rather nice to have semi CQB.

Also they need to focus on important stuff - like optimizing the game first!

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The slugs aren't too bad but the flechettes turn the shotty's to sniper rifles...

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I agree, I dont watch chat and if I hear noise, voices of an enemy and the teammate doesnt use comms, I'm likely to shoot you....

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Anyone else notice another bug that has come about since the 2GB patch with regards to the zoom in cutting out the 203 launcher from view?

I use the M4/16 with the 203 and 1x sight. After I scope in to shoot the gun once I swap out to the 203, it zooms in as though I was sighting in through the scope, cuts out the sight outline as well as the image of the launcher and gun...

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Only add me if you have a working mic and can deal with:

  • Light banter. Nothing serious, just joke around.

  • Going slow and moving together - NO run n gun or rushing every objective. Take it easy and relax. If you are into rushing everything, move along!

  • Working as a team to cover each other. Learn to cover different point and not look at the same one! So many people fail at this and when someone is covering a counter point, they follow and go to the same vs watching our "6."

  • Can get yourself organized to jump together. I like jumping as a group that way we know we all like to roll easy and win while having fun. Really annoying when people say "add me to the group:" then go AFK or I leave my current mission to add them and jump together then during the middle of hte mission they have to go; process repeats again. Either jump together or play with someone else...

  • Using your communication effectively. If you know there are enemies near me, help me out and give me intel.

  • Do what you say you'll do. If you say you'll cover me, then DO it. Don't say "I'll cover you" then run off like a kid chasing a squirrel then suddenly I get shot in the back.

  • Can you work as a team???

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Added ya. Go slow and take it easy.

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So I noticed (as I'm sure many have) that there seem to be (at least) 2 things off about the game.

  1. The insurgents use C4 when destroying the objectives and the assault team uses IED's....

  2. The M4 has LESS - yes, LESS recoil on full auto than in single fire...

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I usually find mute does work but I also notify the entire team of the troll and put the troll down. Since I muted the troll, I dont get upset by what retort they may have. I periodically unmute them to see if the troll toned it down. If they didn't, then I will rag the shit out of them during the whole mission each time they get killed, fail to protect a teammate, or general movements to make it uncomfortable for them to be on. With the other players to do care about keeping the mission fun and a pleasant environment, I keep the banter and roll.

It is sad that some people do come to these types of games to simply rant and spew their anger and it does get tiresome. I dont want to have to mute a player as their intel may actually be useful at times and keep ME alive. Until then, the easiest way I've found to tone them down was to berate them (never yelling) at how much they suck and are a failure. I've had many rage quit from the mission and the rest of the players all end up relaxing and we joke and win together.