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Seconded, thirded and probably even fourthed!

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you have it right on all accounts. The single die statistic is bogus as it mixes in good 1s and bad 1s (and of course the other dice results) together, leaving you with nothing very meaningful.

Go to goblinSpy, there you get the correct results.

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@dode74 said in What is up with this matchmaking?:

I don't think multi-team searching is working properly.

Maybe you should report this in the bug report section.

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Try it against High Elves. In my memory, they often employed the optimistic 'let's rush a few catchers forward and then pass to one of them' approach (not unlike some human high elves players).

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As the TV difference is always a big topic and some people argue about it using data from goblinSpy, where the TV difference displayed isn't the actual TV difference used for match-making and/or inducement money, if loners are involved on any side of the match, it would be nice if the amount of Petty Cash (and who got it) would also be included in match-data so that could be used by tools querying match-data without having to compute these things dependent on race/loner-value and current roster-size.

As this value is surely readily available from the game, it shouldn't be a big problem to add this additional field to the match-data.

Also, it would be nice, of course, if the specific bought inducements would also be available (but I don't know if that is already done or not).

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@dode74 said in Some ideas for team setup phases ..:

A dropdown of the opponent's roster might also be useful.

I agree, though that should be available at any point in the game, both for your opponent's as well as your own team.

They could simply reuse the inducement menu with a few options turned off.

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@jimmyfantastic said in Coping with this game:

If you want to be part of team positive you need to stop whining like a little baby and try to play better!

Is there somewhere you can sign up for that?

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The Dice Rolls page in the Match Report section on goblinSpy shows the overall d6 rolls without the armour/injury mixed in.

Mixing the dice rolls for the armour/injury rolls which are rolled against a player with their own successes in the game dice-stats was a bad idea.

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For completeness' sake, it should be noted that the TV difference displayed in goblin spy does not take the actual TV difference into account, but the difference of the TV-before-journeymen (i.e. the TV displayed in the game before a match actually starts).

Thus, there can be large differences from what is being displayed in the actual match-TV-difference which could have lead to the seemingly wrong impression of the OP.

Unfortunately, I know of no easy (automatic) way to get to the TV-with-journeymen and it doesn't seem to be provided by the stats about a match from the game.

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The more I play, the more I find myself bored with the setup phase of my opponent.

You stare and stare, waiting for something to happen, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't and can take up to 3 minutes (or whatever the turn time of the competition is) which can be quite long.

Thus, it would be nice if the game would entertain you during these times on the one hand or reward you for spending less time on that somehow. (Searching for entertainment elsewhere unless not on the computer is detrimental as you never know when the opponent's setup phase will be over)

Inspired by real-life stadium events, two things come to mind. Advertisements and Highlight-reels or a combination of the two.

I could imagine one or two variations of advertisements for the different sponsors to be played for you during the opponents setup phase. Depending on the number of fans present, this could even have a financial benefit to the player watching the commercial (i.e. the more fans present, the more see the advertisement, the more additional money the team not setting up could make at the end) or some money could be deducted from the end-result for excessively long setups (though that wouldn't be as logical).

Another idea would be to just play the highlights of the previous drive(s) (partly in slow motion and closeups without all the dice-rolling, of course). That wouldn't be as repetitive as the advertisements (unless ads could be added by mods), but still less boring than watching your opponent shuffle some players around.

Of course, for all the hardcore gamers which like to stare and plan, these things should be completely optional.

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