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It might just be my imagination, but to me it seemed that over the last 5-6 seasons the number of teams/coaches in CCL have been steadily rising to almost double the amount.

So, wouldn't it make sense to just start two CCLs, one with 3 minute turns (i.e. same as now) and one with 2 minute turns simultaneously.

Yes, there's always the fear of the split player base, but if match-making wasn't a problem with half the player base (from now), I can't imagine that with double the player-base that is potentially halved into two competitions (not really, as lots of people can and probably will start spinning simultaneously, if they don't find a match in one or the other), it suddenly will become a problem.

This is supposed to be a compromise proposal. Assuredly, the match-making for each of these competitions will be potentially worse in comparison to now due to lower numbers of coaches spinning in each, assuming an unchanged player-base engaging in any CCL. However, 2 minute turns might bring in some players that won't play with 3 minutes, so there's at least a chance of additional coaches joining the 2 minute CCL. Those that won't play without 3 minutes still have their competitive refuge that's only slightly dampened to a previous state.

This setup could be done for 1 or 2 seasons as in the change-only proposal above.

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@dode74 said in Matched up with a 520k difference:

The limit is 500TV.

Sometimes the enforcement is buggy, though. I've had two instances, one of 520 and one of 570 TV diff AFTER pricing in journeymen in the past, though it seems to be a very rare occurrence to be sure.

It's still unclear (to me) what the cause for the occurrence is (very long spin times? roster change during spinning?). Don't know if it has ever been properly investigated.

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@geryon said in Proposed change to CCL:

The big issue with experienced teams is that COL teams could enter. There's no way to exclude one or the other in the CCL league.

seanyy proposed a solution for this technical problem. Don't reset the ladder. Of course, you'd have the same problems at the end of the 2-season run that you normally have at the end of each season (waning numbers etc.), but at least you'd only have it half the time.

Any solution that allows people with less time to still be able to compete would help because it obviously should bring in more players that otherwise don't even bother showing up.

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Seconded, thirded and probably even fourthed!

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you have it right on all accounts. The single die statistic is bogus as it mixes in good 1s and bad 1s (and of course the other dice results) together, leaving you with nothing very meaningful.

Go to goblinSpy, there you get the correct results.

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@dode74 said in What is up with this matchmaking?:

I don't think multi-team searching is working properly.

Maybe you should report this in the bug report section.

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Try it against High Elves. In my memory, they often employed the optimistic 'let's rush a few catchers forward and then pass to one of them' approach (not unlike some human high elves players).

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As the TV difference is always a big topic and some people argue about it using data from goblinSpy, where the TV difference displayed isn't the actual TV difference used for match-making and/or inducement money, if loners are involved on any side of the match, it would be nice if the amount of Petty Cash (and who got it) would also be included in match-data so that could be used by tools querying match-data without having to compute these things dependent on race/loner-value and current roster-size.

As this value is surely readily available from the game, it shouldn't be a big problem to add this additional field to the match-data.

Also, it would be nice, of course, if the specific bought inducements would also be available (but I don't know if that is already done or not).

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@dode74 said in Some ideas for team setup phases ..:

A dropdown of the opponent's roster might also be useful.

I agree, though that should be available at any point in the game, both for your opponent's as well as your own team.

They could simply reuse the inducement menu with a few options turned off.

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@jimmyfantastic said in Coping with this game:

If you want to be part of team positive you need to stop whining like a little baby and try to play better!

Is there somewhere you can sign up for that?

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