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@voodoomike said in Mvp + rank information:

" I said there is a stronger correlation to concessions with matches to coaches with superior win records. There's also the strongest correlation to the conceding coach's own past concession rate.

I would have thought high or low concessions rates were highly related to rosters and match-ups (with TV variations).

@voodoomike said in Mvp + rank information:

we can pretty clearly see from the data that it works the way I say it does (...). There's quite literally no room for argument here.

Are the datas available ?

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I would prefer Chus's proposition rather than the actual system.

At least it would force all coachs to really fight for the 1st place of their own kind, which is supposed to be the CCL goal.

The downside would be that we would have some second rank low tier team, whose coach maybe didn't try to qualify and would even not know he has been "choosen".

I still think reducing the qualifying places to 24, one per race would be a good try.

The best would be to offer some money to every 24 coachs (like 50€) to be a real incentive to diversity.

For sure having console players in the same ladder would be also best, in order to allow to upgrade the prizes.

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C'est parti pour la ronde 4 !

A noter un affrontement au sommet en table 1 entre les Tauliers de la BBBL et l'équipe Z de CPC, les deux seules équipes à afficher 3 victoires au compteur.

Le classement à mi parcours :

CPC - Equipe Z
BBBL - les tauliers
NIL - total annilation
JOL - JoLiponey
LFBB - Les cinq sens cibles
CPC - erreur 404
JOL - NinJoLs
CPC - les fils du un
CPC - une belle bande de canards
LFBB - quinte flush royale
BBBL - la piste aux mandales
LFBB - les grecs
LFBB - morozelfe
JOL - le plan J
JABB - les JABBciles
BBBL - no guts no glory
LFBB - les bouche-trous
CFBB - Toutalarrach
FB - Seconde chance
ZLZL - Lustrian fanatics
BHL - les retardataires
FB - Francobowl Titans
BHL - la crèmerie de la discorde
LFBB - les mazos
BHL - Bone head and loners
JOL - enJoLeavers

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@voodoomike said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again 😞:

the issue isn't that you're afraid, it's that you're an asshole.

First "jackasses", now "asshole", what's the next step ?!

@voodoomike said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again 😞:

lets remember that at the pitch level nothing changes.

That's completely false in my opinion.

Playing a game of risk/reward managment against someone who hasn't the risk part would be like playing poker against someone which had bring monopoly money at the table.

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When your opponent clicks on the case he wants to be pushed you see it but it disappear immediately.

I don't think you can find which case he choosed after that instant.

In BB1 the case stayed visible until you had choosed to follow or not.

It would be a lot better to come back to it.

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This is really needed. I know a privat league in BB2 that does that already with its own OPEN league : means it must be doable for Cyanide.

At least on the forum if complicated IG.

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@voodoomike said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again 😞:

What I don't see is the reason we'd split things into multiple separate leagues when it isn't absolutely necessary.

Your inability to wrap your head around that incredibly simple question is due to your irrational hate of everything that's not going your way.

Seriously I don't think anyone minds this "res+progression idea" being available as an option but imo we more urgently need some other features :
.fixing remaining bugs,
.getting all proper starplayers skins,
.allowing to buy inducments in (real) res environnment...

In any case don't mix it with CCL, it's just another game.

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@voodoomike said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again 😞:

Yep, everything about the future is theory. If I'm wrong then you have nothing to worry about in such an environment.

I wasn't actually interested in your random speculation on the topic. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

I juste wrote so that Cyanide/Focus don't think you represent the community more than just for yourself, also explaining why I think no one reacts so that they don't take it as a global approvment on this idea.

Given that you're not part of their team, literally everything else you're saying is totally irrelevant so... thanks, but...

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@voodoomike said in Killing the fun, likely I stop playing again 😞:
so the only disadvantage those teams would have is there being very few people who want to play their way.

Far far away in a galaxy named "pure ethereal theory"

No VM, you must be joking. The all thread is a joke anyway.

But as nobody can speak to you without being flamed if not litteraly insulted...well almost nobody remains speaking.

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Coup de tonnerre dans le ciel de la coupe des vices 2 : JOL fait le carton plein !

Trois de nos équipes ont déjà finit leurs rondes avec 3 victoires à la clef :
11 victoires, 3 nuls, 1 seule défaite !

Quant à notre 4è équipe, les enJOLeavers, ils continuent sur leur mission spéciale et viennent de repousser les assauts des Francobowls Titans qui voulaient leur piquer la cuillère de bois virtuelle.

Pour le reste les résultats (presque) en temps réels sont ici Quelques rencontres restent encore indécises mais les matchs du haut du tableau ont livré leurs verdicts.