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I found it hilarious during the first two minutes, but after that i feel it is unstandable (insupportable).

Would it be possible to make the noise only when the chainsaw is actually playing or to make it optionnal ?

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@Mori-Mori said in Kislev's receivers - Whish for BBLE patch:

you owe us for sex changing

🙂 I was not asking for sexy receivers but why not.

I thought more something like children models so that the +Agility and the -Strength would seem more obvious.

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I would like the gameplay from BB1 back, you had "end turn" as possible action for vampires : you would be sent off if not close to a thrall or would bite it if next to one of them (or choose one if next to several).

The actual gameplay of making a move with another player to come back to the bite is really strange and counter intuitive (imo).

What does happen if the vampire is the last player available ? Do you have to wait for the clock ?

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@Focus_Guillaume said in [LE BETA] - Intense lags, requirments for LE ?:

Hello, what's your computer configuration?
Do you notice lags while in-match? also in menus?

Not in the menus but in game. Ive been been kicked out 2 games of 3 (gave me loss as a concession).

My configuration,

Window 8
Processeur intel core i5 3337U 1,80 GHZ
RAM 4096 MB
DirectX 11
Carte Graphique HD Graphics 4000

I have tried different screen size resolutions without success...

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Since one goal of LE is to allow to provide an online experience tabletop alike (is this english ?), there is still one thing missing to recreate tournaments possibilities.

We should be able to buy inducments (bribes, chief, starplayers..) when building a custom team.

Woud it be hard to implement ?

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Maybe not properly a bug but since it was working fine on BB2 so far

I have intense lags,

are the game requirements harder than the previous version ?
What are they ?
Any advice about it (i already have cut all video and audios options) ?

edit :

Thanx to a, mail exchange the focus team helped me to solve it, definitely not a bug, (or i am the bug).

Thank u guillaume, thank to the team, sorry for the bother (dérangement).

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One way that i would find interesting for the play-offs (or only the final ?) would be best of 3,

-one game at 1000TV
-one game at 1150TV naf Styled (with improvment tiered based for the weakest teams)
-last game (if needed) withe qualified team.

Or why not all the playoffs in Naf styled format ?

About TV++ propositions, i would like to know if their advocates have been trying it for real somewhere ?

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I think the team is very nicely designed but the catcher don't seem AT ALL Strenght 2.

How cool would it be to make them girls ? It would be very cool and if they are a bit smaller than amazons, they would fit perfectly I think.

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@VoodooMike said in Every Champion Ladder without changes is a wasted season:
" but I don't see it necessary to connect that with long-term attrition. "

Again it seems to me that you are thinking only theorically : if there is no risk for your player's health why not leaping 16 turns in a row ? Why not pile on every turn ?

A big part of Blood Bowl interest is about risk vs reward about both winning the game and developping your team.

If you take out the risk for both, it would kill the game for a lot of players.