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Would you like me to do the same?

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I also had this bug and came here to report it. (PC, Windows 7, BB2). I was playing as Dwarves, so my bombardier was "Boomer". These were my experiences:

  • Used boomer to blitz and it froze the game for nearly a minute. During this time my opponent and I chatted successfully. It was different from the "Waiting for Opponent" or "Waiting for Server" freezes because no such messages were displayed to indicate a problem and chat was unaffected.
  • After the blitz, my opponent and I saw the "Boomer" icon in the wrong place, it's prior position, for the rest of the run. The new and actual location of Boomer was marked by the star within a circle, and Boomer's sprite remained seperately in it's incorrect location without a star.
  • I also had lags of 15-30 seconds whenever I tried to dodge as Boomer.
  • Also, and much worse because it directly affected the outcome of my game, Boomer could NOT be stood up after the blitz caused his location to glitch. My opponent knocked Boomer down with his Troll-Slayer. I wanted to stand Boomer so he would mark the Troll-Slayer and protect my ball-carrying runner. I was unable to stand Boomer up by double-clicking or right-clicking. Right-clicking Boomer produced no menu from which to select "Stand Up. I tried both methods many times on both Boomer's actual location (marked by just the star) and on the location of Boomer's star-less sprite. This meant that instead of standing Boomer to mark the Troll-Slayer, I was forced to dodge away as the only means of getting Boomer to stand up; he would stand only if you selected his "star" and moved to a square. He wouldn't stand and remain in his original square.
  • I also noticed that after the blitz, but before falling down, the "Follow/Stay" menu appeared above Boomer's starless sprite (in the wrong location on the pitch) and not over the star that marked his actual location.

Thank you for your time and efforts. I will avoid Boomer as the bug had a decisive effect on my game.

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I hear that the Champion Cup games are streamed. Where can I watch them?

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@Gatorlover I see nothing pretentious in this post. Writing can always be improved. The assertion that the post was written thoroughly so he could "sound really smart" is obnoxious. Get an icepack on that ego of yours because it seems to be very swollen.

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