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buff corsair beacuse they are last in ladder. they also auto 100% lose to eldars and tau

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I am currently the best Corsair player in the universe. Fleet i used to dominate the ladder is the following;

  • 1 Voidstalker,

  • 2 Eclipses,

  • 1 Hellbore,

  • 1 Aconit,

  • 1 Nightshade

I can see Corsairs and Tau Merchant are the weakest races. How would You buff them? Simple fleet point reduction to squeeze more ships? Seems ok buff because currently there is not enough dps in some situations when enemy caps all points.

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still having the problem. Soon i will forget about armada 2.Tried different computer and on different internet, still cant connect. Connecting to 10232...

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is Pulsar Canon a standard weapon? Seems like not on corsairs. But on eldar it says that puslar canon firerate is much faster.
Does runic stance increase rit chance of pulsar canons?

Seems like reload stance does not affect firing rate.

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daily update, still can not play online

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@Jellyfoosh Did not help. Also tried checking files, reinstalling, deleting ini

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i ahve same problem. Py pc is in eu.

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  • Game developers dont react to servers being down.
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Games with some players are unplayable because of the lag above 100. For example i get this guy Highlander and when i do i have 150 ms lags which is unplayable for me.

Easy fix is to make seperate matchmaking for laggers and normal ppl. Or make matchmaking check and never match ppl with massive lags.

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put your big ships in clouds or steroids, then hunt enemy ships with stealth ships. its easy win since de carriers have almost no dps

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I really hope there will be big multiplayer patch which will make race traits work. For ex. necron's Tessaract Crypt does not work, while it should give stance even tho deck is destroyed

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@aram_thehead said in [Feedback] Why do necrons still suck:

@Lino how do higher ranked Necrons players play? If somebody managed to make them work, I'd like to learn how. I've heard that they are great for capping points because they have fast escorts and teleports, but I don't find that playstyle too interesting personally. @Adm_Janus how do you use DE and how do you use Necrons?

On early level i suggest building full Shrouds fleet. Make two stealth groups and look for alienated ships and escorts. Finelly u can join all forces and nuke enemy with whip stance and teleport. Dont forget to spam lightning boarding and focus engines first. Key to winning with this fleet is to avoid dmg, cap points and nuke alone targets.

Later on, with scarab and lightning link skills u can make fleet of two reapers to demolish your enemis in mele. On last level i think u get a trait that increases dps of lightning arcs by 50%.

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I also have massive memory leak problems with this game. Sometimes, when iam in custom fleet screen of SM or Necrons, game freezes and rapidly fills RAM to the max. If game is not closed via task menager, computer freezes.

spec: AMD Ryzen 1400. 16gb ddr4 ram 3000, Radeon 570 4 gb

Fix asap plz, because those crashes are annoying and will makes most ppll quit this wonderful game.

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@chaton said in Community Update - 18 January 2019:

A buff for the Corsairs. Ships will be cheaper and will have access to the shroud hull attribute, which cloaks ships at the start of battle.

I am afarid thats not enough.

First of all extra rangeo on lock stance does not work so running and hiting tactic is no use. Fixing this bug should be a priority.

Secondly, giving cload to all ships is not good enough because eldar must start with cloak anyway. Also ships get insta reveal at first battle so there is no use of such cloak.

Thirdly, corsair's weapons are considerebly weaker than any other eldars. Pulsar Cannon (artillery laser) has pitiful dps. Also Starcanons are much weaker than Asura's.

Finally Eldar ships are too vulnrable to critical effects is too high. "Fragile" atribute makes eldar ships unable to fight in mele range. Even lightning range is too dangerous for eldar.

All of the above makes Corsairs weak. Developer says increasing tonage will help Corsairs. Obviusly it will, but there are more tweaks needed. Extra 200 army points would not suffice. Maybe extra cruiser for 325 would be sufficient. Personally i got to the top league with Corsairs. All of the games i won by points with 3 groups of stealth ships. Many ppl got annoyed by this tactic, but such strategy is a must. Eldar simply can not fight within 9000 radius, unless it has huge tonnage advantage in a small battle.

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"Spirit Stone Targeting Node Upgrade" trait does not work for every single weapon. This is why eldars are garbage now.

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Great game so far. Currently trying Corsair class. First of all main faction tactic - shoot and run - doest work because "extra range with lock on stance" does not grant extra range.

Also dps from full fleet while running is too low. It can't even beat any medium shielded ship.

Secondly the biggest ship's laser does not focus chosen target which makes fire rate on reload stance trait useless.

Thridly corsair ships are too vulrnable to crits. Trait that makes them 300% more likely to get crit is radiculus. Even small potshots can demolish your engines and sails and thats gg. Eldar can not simply fight in melee.

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Gotta agree SM are op. Especially small ship (2 stars) torpedoes with stealth and boarding. If only I could try it - Goin into custom sm screen causes memory leak freeze

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i bought Armada 2 because i love warhammer. Can i predownload the game so i dont waste any minute of beta time?