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Necrons are in a very poor spot with how they are currently used. While I have a decent win percentage with them inevitably anything with multiple flyers (especially marines with thunderhawks and boarding torpedoes) just destroy them. Tau seeker missiles almost always get through a flyer screen and the Necron scythe loses to almost every other flyer in a straight up engagement. I've had four air wings lose to two Tau or Tyrannid flyer wings; this shouldn't happen. Also considering that many fleets have flyers that can deposit troops and give a chance to regain a crew-less ship it would be nice to see Scythes have this ability. Lastly mobility is such an issue for Necrons and the flyers just aren't fast enough, accurate enough, or strong enough to mitigate the threat of torpedoes or other incoming flyers. Please consider the following:

Improve their aerial combat ability
Allow for multiple launch bays on larger ships, the line ship and battle ship launch the same amount of flyers and with the same cooldown
Give flyers the ability to launch boarding tactics and bombing runs vs. turret attack primary.

On an aside the turrets on the Cairn and pretty much all necron vehicles miss a TON, which doesn't make much sense considering all their main weapons never miss. Maybe up their accuracy?