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As Joe said, I also routinely experience this.

Sometimes the whole team can't hear me, sometimes it's certain players.

My squadmate can always here me but the rest of the team can't.

Sometimes it starts at the beginning of the match or 2 minutes in.

I have my microphone sensitivity and side sensitivity cranked and I often have TS, Steam chat or battle chat up and I never loose voice on those.

I have been kicked twice and when playing as commander it makes it hard to let the team know your intent causing FF and TK if the shot/ strafe is danger close.

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I think the mk14 makes sense where it is with advisors because of its application. It was never a "sniper rifle" it was a DMR employed with infantry sections. M14s really aren't that great for long distance when compared to other platforms. If anything the demo guys should get the M21 counter IED rifle 😉

I think the marksman class need to get a .300 win mag or .338 lapua magnum rifle which is the go to rounds for modern sniper platforms.

For its semi automatic option for security it should be changed to the m110 sass or m210 sass systems.

For Insurgents seeing the PSG-1 or SVU or leaving the SVD makes sense

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I see your point on the more modern Russian weapons being in the hands of security.

I agree that it really depends on the context of this war that is taking place in the game.

Perhaps the AK-12 or RPK-16 could make an appearance if the insurgents get rpks and rpk 74.

I also kinda hope the pkp pencheng shows up.

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@lafoxxx92 the reason they have m16a2s is because IRL the commanders in some middle Eastern nations get given those rifles by the west and turn around and sell them to finance their own interest or to buy other equipment for their soldiers.

Those rifles have very often been seen in bad guys hands.

Security has the alpha AK. A good "AK" would be the VZ 58 used by the slovakians who are present in the middle East.

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I second the semiautomatic shotguns, would add more uniqness to the breacher class.

The Mossberg would best be represented as the 590a1 SPX with 8+1 capacity and bayonet lug (trench gun)?

The .40 USP is for the security would be a nice balance between the .45 and 9mm crowd

For insurgents the Glock 22 in .40 would be interesting to see as it's counter part.

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Further to this idea, perhaps having a way to intelligently preset weapon accesories?

IE having my AKM preconfigured the same way across the board for every class that can take it by having an "apply to all button"

Also having a weapon remember what it was last configured to without saving it as a specific preset. IE I choose an AKM, have it built out but need to swap to a FAL. The guns won't erase their accesories switching from weapon to weapon.

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Me and my buddy were chatting about a few different weapons systems that would be great to add to the game

  • AC130
  • JDAM / Pavelow
  • ballistic missle
  • MLRS strike
  • Hellfire
  • ammo/ supply crate drop

All of these options would greatly enhance CO-OP because they would add faster strike options for frenzy and a diverse experience for players. The current wheel is kinda stagnant and the smoke artillery option is a usually wasted slot.

I propose to change the load out screen for commanders to include a section for fire supports.

Having the options to tinker you fire support to the mission your in is more realistic and would greatly encourage the use of commanders. Also using a point based system allows flexibility.

Having 3 10's I awesome but I'd rather have 2 miniguns in frenzy, or have no artillery and all A10 for regular checkpoint coop.