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Whoa, came back here 1 week later and... Another unterfall? What happened? Something is not right, I really hope you will get this straight. Fingers crossed!

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Btw, keep complaining and pointing fingers. That's what you are good at 😛 🐷

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Pajarviiii you can keep your funny trashtalk as long as you like 🙂 I will gladly send your body flying from those bushes you like so much, you little camping bushman you 😃
And you know what really is clownish? Your youtube channel 😃

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5 players is a crazy idea. I get it, you want to servers initiate faster but the area is way too big! Make is 50% actual size 😕

Some other guy posted similar idea and I agree. 90% of the game I'm running and gathering gear. 1-2 kills is max, sometimes I don't see anyone for entire game.

Please, make area smaller and maybe disable zone? Or make those zone quadrants smaller?

I really want to play the game, but man.. do something to make it more playable.

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Guys, it's 12:45 and there was not a single game since 10:00pm yesterday. Tbh it was one, but it crashed after 2 minutes.
Winter sale? -50% price? Please, do something.

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I also have an issue with wolves. I do like that they are stronger, but imho there are too many of them! I'm bumping into them at every step, it's easy to run away from them but inside cities it's very annoying. In forests? Ok. In cities? Too many.

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Go! Terminate yourself and don't come back, no need for such pathetic crybabies 😛
You cheeky bastard, you think devs don't know what to do? And your lament for "anything drastic about it" makes me sick.

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1.2 gb update? What is that? 😃

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