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Dear devs, this game is truely amazing. I love it so much, the scenery, weather effects, guns, this huge-ass-map, random encounters, THE ZONE, and western europe climate! This raw, dense, hounded climate. Oh, that's one I was waiting for. You can feel so much of a "stalker" in it. I played 2 stages of beta and bought it day 1, like immediately. Next day I bought another one, as a gift for my younger brother. He loves it too!
But something's wrong. It's like 7am, CET and I'm, along with someone else, only 2 players waiting for game to start. It hurts so much, whats going on? Please, please do something to bring more players, don't let this masterpiece die!

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Great news, thank you. This game is THE SHIT, fingers crossed! 🙂