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I have re in the game after lot of month,
and same problem so much hard to find player,
sometimes i wait 10min and don't find,
(in Champion ladder 14 with a new team)
and when i find i play almost only vs same players...
We really need the Cross-platform between PC and XBOX and PS4,
plz help us to make live the game,
if nothing is do he's gonna die on console,
and no way to run it on my PC,
sorry for my bad english,
hope something will be done for help us and the game...

See ya

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Last ask,
the prize money is share between console and pc? or it's one for pc and one for console?
The leaderboard is cross-platform or regroup in console?
Thx again ^_^

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What u call prize money?
It's not simple to understand all the system...
Can be good to make player automaticaly in the cabal vision official league normal or mixed depend of what they do like team, u see? So that will make facilities for news players to regroup, or make the cabal vision official in brillance or something to tell it's the "main event" on screen...
Do the cross-platform will be apply soon?
I have take like 2 or 3 crash game today 😕
It's pretty boring, not fair not fun, hope fix soon

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Ty for the fast message.

All league are connected together when u matchmaking? I think no, that's the prob.
Sorry for my bad english.

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Please, can u do a decent global matchmaking,
the league system is shit,
it's pretty simple,
1 official league for normal team,
1 official league for mixed team,
so all go in one unique league,
fast matchmaking because we will be all in the same league...

That take so much time for find a game -_-' [On PS4]
The game is crazy, just do something for regroup all the player...

Like Overwatch, u tag 1 game,
all do same so fast matchmaking,
and it's much more easy here cause each team have a score,
just 2 league and the game is perfect!

I have take 2 crash game in 2 days too,
let's fix that.

And a cross platform can help too if it's isn't implented yet (idk)


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