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I have to agree with OP, the lack of response and/or feedback from NWI about the status of the many many bugs that have been reported by members of the community is disheartening.

Personally I don't have to get replies from NWI developers themselves, they are probably already overwhelmed with work by the many post-release bugs as it is. But at least the community/communication person at NWI could be more pro-active in communicating with the community, letting us know what is going on on a regular basis... I mean, if the game was close to bug free such comm's could happen less frequently but in the state the game is currently in with the many bugs and performance problems for so many players I would recommend NWI to assign one dedicated person to roam the different forums and start weekly communication reports so we the community know what the hell is going on and what we can expect. At the moment I miss the sense of urgency at NWI to fix the many problems the game still has post release and I fear if this continues for long the reviews will start to reflect that.

Being left in the dark is the main reason I stopped updating this massive bug report thread that I'd started on the Steam forums: ... many of these bugs still exist, they are numbered for easy tracking but apart from 1 dev reply I have no idea what NWI is doing with all of these bug reports, let alone if they know they even exist and/or are actively working on them.

Since I've stopped with that thread I have seen many new bugs popping up post release; players skating around instead of walking, hands missing, weapon and now also footstep sounds cutting out, comm rose commands not working, new anti-aliasing problem with white outlines, etc. but as said because of previously mentioned reasons I don't feel like reporting them at the moment anymore, not unless NWI improves their communication with the (bug reporting) community.

Lastly, I would like to see a Development Roadmap back ... just like we had with the previous Insurgency on Trello. That could help as well.

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Have you tried deleting the file GameUserSettings.ini ?

From the last patch notes:

"We are aware of a crash some people are experiencing on startup, which has a fairly easy fix for it. If you are experiencing this crash, try the following:
First, navigate to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient
Then delete the following file: GameUserSettings.ini
The file will be recreated when you next start the game."

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Bugs, older and recent ones, that (still) exist post Nov 14th patch

  • 01 - when spectating someone with a shotgun he reloads shells endlessly (while playing & killing enemies)
  • 02 - when spectating someone you cannot see when he is throwing a nade or something else (animation is missing)
  • 03 - when spectating someone you sometimes cannot see his arms, hands and the weapon he is using / holding
  • 04 - when spectating someone with an LMG the bullets on the belt float in the air on the right side
  • 05 - frequently the Reload weapon audio drops / is not audible
  • 06 - still get killed at ammo crate after objective was declared "Secured" and u go there to resupply (bug or intended?)
  • 07 - spawning in with many other eye balls / inside players heads
  • 08 - soldiers feet in truck are missing / going through the floor
  • 09 - soldiers feet in truck are floating above floor / not touching the floor
  • 10 - my character was sized like a small kid looking up to the other soldiers sitting next to me in the truck
  • 11 - the new Gamma setting does not stick, every time I start the game it is reset back to a value of 2.2
  • 12 - when u throw C4 / IED it gets sometimes stuck in easy to reach places in such a way that u cannot pick it up again
  • 13 - the HE underbarrel sight sometimes does not display correctly, it's too low on the weapon making aiming with it not possible
  • 14 - weapons sometimes get stuck in the ground and keep spinning round like crazy
  • 15 - in Local Play (not tested in other modes) the Uzi has double Compensators available
  • 16 - in Local Play (not tested in other modes) the M9, M1911, Makarov, Browning and Tariq all have double Compensators and double Flash Hiders available
  • 17 - blowing up the white ammo van pre-game results in insert truck riding the wrong way or getting stuck in a wall or something (funny bug though)
  • 18 - flash nade effect still looks really cheap and unfinished (bright white oval in the middle of the screen?)
  • 19 - soldier's hair and facial hair still looks very bad and fake
  • 20 - player model cannot be rotated in Customization screen (logical place) yet it can be rotated in the Loadout screen?!? Why (only there)?
  • 21 - jumping in water does not make a splash sound at all
  • 22 - jumping down from a roof does not make the player's character say 'Ugh' or 'Argh' ... he stays totally silent
  • 23 - ambient sounds seem missing here and there / it's too quiet in some places?, always loved how previous Ins did this
  • 24 - when u go prone u can throw C4 / IED much further than when you're standing or crouching (bug or intended?)
  • 25 - you can get killed by a nade throw to the head (bug or intended?)

For several of these bugs I have made screenshots, can post them if NWI asks for it.

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Yeah this crap happened to me as well several times today even, so it was with the latest patched version of the game. Objective Secured my ass!

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The weird thing is that you can rotate your character, just not in the customization screen which would be the logical place for it. Rotating your character does work but in the LOADOUT screen, you can also rotate your weapon there. Why this is? I have no clue ...

NWI should fix this, it would be great if it worked in both screens (loadout & customization) and also: please let us ZOOM in/out with the mouse scroll wheel (NWI should look at WW3 to get inspiration how customization can be done in the UE4 engine ... the way they do it is miles ahead of what can be seen in many other games and they are a small dev team as well)

alt text

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It's a problem and an annoyance when you don't know if you're safe or not when you're hiding in a building, I see it happening all the time to both new and high level players ... it's not a good thing when getting killed this way starts to feel somewhat random.

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Yeah that would be nice, +1

If there's ONE thing that World War 3 does right it's the extensive customization options & presentation available in that game, it's just fkn awesome and the player models look really bad-ass. I wish NWI would take a good look at that game and use it for inspiration to improve Sandstorm's limited customization options ... probably won't happen soon, maybe in a future update though (one can hope) and btw, WW3 is also using the UE4 engine.

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I find it a bit worrying that nothing new regarding this subject (Co-op game modes) has been communicated thusfar, it's just one month before the official game will be released!

Previous Insurgency has FIVE game modes (Checkpoint, Conquer, Survival, Outpost, Hunt) which I all liked and played for in total over 1000+ hours so it would be a major disappointment if Sandstorm would have only one or two different co-op game modes. These different modes added variety which made me come back all the time ...

@Grumf Funny how you don't like Conquest ... I loved that mode the most because it is less restricted (not having to go from A to B to C etc. in order like Checkpoint) so yeah, I hope NWI will bring Conquest and at least one or two more of these classic game modes back into the game! If I had to choose I would leave out Survival and Hunt 🙂

Hopefully we get to hear some new official info from NWI about this soon.

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@zucchini Yes really. There is no automatic health regeneration, you must resupply fully to have your health restored to 100%