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@ashardalon At the scale BFG operates (ships fight at beyond visual ranges), torpedo spread would not be an issue. They would just maneuver themselves into their lines of fire like always. I would be nice if the human ships had semi-guided torps to reflect that, though.

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An example of what I was talking about when I was referring to customizing Imperial ships can be found in some of the concept art done for the Anargo Sector Project, shown here:




Now obviously, for some modules like the midship variants, Luxury-pattern components, Surveyor-pattern prow, and Sprint-pattern engine, there would be definite mechanical differences. Nevertheless, I think the rest of the components easily illustrate how a ship could be differentiated from the rest of the group with a little bodywork.

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Getting back to the faction aesthetics and ship customization, which is what this thread is supposed to be about, I’d really like it if we had the option to change the look of the prows, castles, and iconography on Imperial ships. The ones from the Gothic sector are the most well-known, but not every ship is going to look the same even if they’re the same class. A Lunar-class cruiser built in a region with greater Ecclesiarchial influence would probably have more religious iconography and its hull built to look like a cathedral, as opposed to one constructed by a forge world that disdained frills and adornments.

At the moment, however, I’ll settle for being able to change the paintjob and heraldry like we could do in Dawn of War.

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The Eldar need more ships period. As I said in the last forum, I realize humans have the most ships for reasons both in-universe (the Imperium spans the galaxy, Chaos has something for everyone) and out (it's easier to think up stuff for your own species), but at least give the aliens some more variety. Furthermore, since the Corsairs are basically pirates and privateers while the Craftworld fleets are the "official" navy of their people and have access to far more resources, I think the Craftworld Eldar should have the ability to field whatever ships the Corsairs can, just with different aesthetics and stats.

Picture a Void Stalker with the smoother hull and curving sails present in Craftworld fleets instead of the ribbed armor and reinforced "skeletons" Corsair sails use. It actually makes sense from a lore perspective and would probably require less work on the devs' part to implement!

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