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@Eagle-Pursuit "Speak softly and carry a big stick?" 😉

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Given we're still in the dark about a fair amount of the options/romances/factions/skills, what type of character are you planning on for your first play-through?

I haven't settled on anything particular for my character's physical appearance (I just want some long-hair options please!). I have a hard time playing anything other than rouges usually... I'm planning on a silver-tongued, secret collecting/blackmailer, assassin-type character if I can make that work with the game. I'm curious about the magic options we'll get access to and especially how much control we'll have on De Sardet's personality...

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@Ben-Kenobi Thanks - yeah! I noticed he made a recent re-appearance... he has the same eyes and eyebrows (along with his signature "biting off the cartridge" move...)

Now, I'm trying to figure out what the heck happened between the original chase and present? I had the impression that the island had been "discovered" within a decade... the hunter seems to have aged significantly during that time.

Is the first chase scene that De Sardet witnessed some sort of remembering/"dream quest" of the Native people on how some of the first interactions between the two peoples went down? The most recent trailer has a voice over (what I think is the male De Sardet's voice) stating: "I saw many images. They were so real." So that's where my idea of a dream quest or something similar comes in.... That might explain the hunter's aging as well? Maybe the hunter is one of the first explorers or conquistadors that first "discovered" the island? Or maybe some kind of magic or curse put on him by the Native peoples because of his actions? Any other interpretations or guesses out there?

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@Fortune86 Definite possibility. I would have thought he'd be decked out in some Inquisition looking gear though. He always struck me as a spoiled noble looking for some sport. I'm guessing there's a number of characters that will see the Native people as "animals." I'll be a bit disappointed if the Religious faction are the only "bad guys" though. I bet we'll see some questionable ethics from the other factions too.

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Is the red-headed "hunter" colonist from the very first reveal teaser going to be an in-game character? Are we going to be able to find out what started that chase and interrupt as De Sardet? (This cliff hanger has bugged me since the teaser first came out!)

The native woman he was chasing appears to be in the latest story trailer twice... Soo....?

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So excited to hear Brotherhood was a strong inspiration! It's been a favorite movie of mine for a long time. I first watched it when I was studying French.

Honestly, back when I first watched Greedfall's first reveal trailer, it immediately reminded me of the movie and I've been keeping tabs on this game since. I haven't seen much media that had a similar feel until this game, so thank you so much. I'm very excited!

Will we get any interesting weapons or gear similar to the movie? I always loved that bone sword and Sylvia's deadly bladed fan...

Thank you again for this game and all the work put into it! I'm very much looking forward to playing. (Since Bioware has taken such a drastic turn away from story heavy single player RPGs, it seems like there's been less games of interest for players like me. I'm only planning to purchase Greedfall and Death Stranding this year...)