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For me, the way games survive is solely down to the community built through via Multiplayer experience, Gothic 2 seems very bland when it comes to giving this. I really think the developers should take a page from the Dawn of War series, they had:

  • Lobby Chat
  • Player Made Rooms (with options on points/gamemode)
  • Battle Replay Saves
  • Spectator Mode

I've found if you want the game to attract the more competitive player, the least you need is a battle replay save, so people can show off their wins. If failing that, just give us a player made room so all online players can see games and join which ones they want. If the MP side of things is left the way it is, I see this going the way of BFGA1 really fast.

Come on Developers, get it done!

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Whatever happened to having an all out battle? Now I spend half of the game chasing littles ships across the map. This is really taking the fun of epic battles from this game, can we please have an option to disable it or something because it's not any fun.

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Warmaster Valrak will destroy Abbadon and lead Chaos to GLORY!

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This is my guide on the classes in Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition. Briefly go through all the classes, showing off their weapons, giving my feedback and helping new players on what you should be doing with each class. If you want more videos like this then let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Hello Developers,

I'd love the MP to be more like Dawn of War when it comes to the game set up, player made rooms and an actual chat lobby would be great. Adding Spectator to the game would be amazing and battle save replays!

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How about 3v3 and let the player decide on the points, what is the problem on letting us have a choice? If we want massive battles then so be it, if we want small battles then so be it. Just give us the choice!

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Awesome stuff! On another note, is there a way to add this screenshot editor thing in the game?! I would spend hours making badass poses 😃

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Re-visiting the Space Hulk game after a long break, we return to exploring, this piece of the Space Hulk appears to be a Rogue Trader vessel, what secrets does this ship hold. The game has received some patching and is slowly becoming a more complete game with each update. Hope you enjoy the video.

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The Imperial Fist fleet has spearheaded its attack into the centre of the vile Xenos Ork fleet, they want to hinder and destroy as much Ork ships as they can before they make landfall, even cut the head off the beast!

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I really hope the developers give this a read, SM is the worst fleet in the game at the moment.

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Hello, had any bug reports on not being able to get off the Cadian system in the campaign? Trying to exit it, I get cinematic then booted back to the main menu.