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The key difference is unit scale. The ships are ginourmous even when zoomed out. In this game I feel that things are largely of the same size and when we zoom out for a tactical perspective things come so so tiny.

Personal visual gripe but yes. The best example of what I'd like is during the tutorial right when you command the Imperial Fist Phalanx.
That... is what I would like baseline in terms of unit scale.

Absolutely massive ships that take up space on your screen because visual awe 🙂

oh and btw. The deathstar vid I linked didn't use the biggest ships available. The picture at first showed the real difference 🙂

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Dear Devs.

Your game sounds great, feels great, plays great, looks great.

But there is one thing that I just can't shake and makes me disappointed everytime.
What could possibly be the problem for me since I love largely everything here?

1 word: "Scale"

I'm a colossal fan of MEGA sized stuff. I LOVED Star Wars Empires at War and how absolutely mega the star ships got to be the stronger I got and as I got access to larger ships.
Seeing them on the battlefield was insane. They took up so much space on the map and it just felt astounding epic and mindblowing to see battles go down, having them get damaged and fall apart.

Even as I sent multiple of them to their deaths for fun I LOVED seeing the fights go down, whilst spamming entire navys full of mega star destroyers. It was just fun and cool to behold.


As you can see here the varying ship sizes were magnificent and it really went to add so much extra to the visual spectacle plus appreciation for " Oh boy... now comes the big guy!!"

I dont feel your games add this element unless I zoom all the way in and that is tactically unwise, which goes without saying.

I'd love if it you would make everything bigger in size. LEt us have more ships on the maps, and make everything larger.

I know some players would argue that its smaller because thats more strategic and such, so on and so forth.
But I'm a guy that just enjoys the colossally insane visual spectacle of full blown space war alike what we see in the movies, artwork, your loading screens 🙂 and so much more

Your game here introduced some SERIOUSLY mega sized constructs but most of the time they are either static background stuff or special units we never see again.

So, dear devs. Please... consider... making stuff larger. Much larger. Because I would absolutely love to play this game and savour every battle whether loss or win because of the visual awe this stuff has.

I mean come on... ain't nobody here can say they didn't had their jaw drop when the Death Star in Empire at War was approching the planet you were fighting around whilst seeing MEGA ships fire lasers all over the place.

And then you get that big flashy button .... BOOM ! entire planet gets rekt.
Sure its strategically dumb but GOD DAMN DOES IT FEEL GOOD! haha

Youtube Video

Just look at it. let alone controlling it as part of the fleet, moving with your navys.
Ahhh good ol days.

So yeah, Devs. This thread became 2 things now !

Nr 1: make stuff WAY bigger. Pretty please. Like this here.

Youtube Video – [1:04:57..]

And nr 2: Give us control of the inquisition and lets nuke planets !!!!!!

But hey. If you will only consider 1, just pick Nr 1. Scale matters a lot to me because I enjoy these games for the visual sci fi spectacle above everything.

Thank you.

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Okay. 1 week as the only recent post on entire General Forum. No reply at all. Jesus, guys... very disappointing.

I dont get you, DontNod... this radio silence. Its a fucking vampire Game. And your game is utterly bloodless outside of biting cinematics. Upon using Blood Cauldron on low health enemies they blow up into small body parts but before these parts even land...they VANISH into thin air. Not even an F'ing spatter remaining where the dude that exploded stood.
No scarring after hitting and biting people in combat. No dismemberment, no bite marks on their necks in combat. Jesus... you can't even blame it on budget either since there are games that are pushing 15-20 years that have done this infinitely better. Because why wouldn't they? Vampire Genre.

This is unfathomly low effort design and you charge us full price when vampire games that are freaking almost 20 years old have done this better.

All I as well as many others SIMPLY wanted to know is "why... you didn't bother?" considering its a VAMPIRE game. Just why... your Vampire game is utterly devoid of blood in your forced combat. But no.

GG, DontNod... Design choice for reasons I would disagree with but understand. But this silence when your forums are almost completely dead?...And for MONTHS at that...

Okay then.

At least I have fond memories of Remember Me. A game where you actually put effort into the main activity of a video game = THE COMBAT.

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I made a post months ago. Many other did. Reviews on steam highlighted this. Huge threads raged about this. And you've been 100 % silent. So here I go again... 1 final time hoping I can get through otherwise I'll give up and keep my money.

Are there plans to fix the gore? Will you be releasing gore DLC? That makes wounds appear on enemies? Dismeberment happen? For Blood Cauldron ability to actually make the exploded body parts REMAIN ON THE GROUND....

Are you gonna fix this total immersion breaker and ludacris design decision from the perspective of a VAMPIRE game in 2018. ?

Or are you just gonna keep the game the way it is and accept what comes?

Whats keeping me from playing this title is the bad combat. But not just because you ignored deflection, blocking, counter attacking and alike. No. I was prepared to NOT do this.

Because I figured at least the kills will be gory, monster like and satisfying.
99 % of them aren't, dont nod. I give 1 % to Blood Cauldron because I actually see body parts but the limbs dont even remain.

What the hell is going on? .... Can you please answer why you've either chosen not to make the gore more extensive (and realistic feeling. Its a pure slaughter yet bodies are always intact, clean and every kill feels Zzzzzzzzz ) Or... if its simply beyond your capabilities as a dev due to financial constraints or pegi rating?

Please give me answers. Because I was hyped about this game EVER SINCE you told us about it. I'm a mega vampire fan and enjoy this games story aspects. I love the writing and monologue.

But your combat.... ruins the entire experience. And some "story mode" where enemies are weak and ez wont fix that for reasons I've already stressed.

Can you please just tell me what happened? I dont even care at this point if the answer is " yeah its coming" or "No we chose not to" Just give us an answer as to why a 20 year old game called Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines has better gore than your vampire game in 2018.

You rarely ever reply here but I'll try. 1 final time otherwise just.... whatever.

Why is the blood and gore SO extremely lacking? Its a total dealbreaker for me considering its a vampire game and I hate this feeling.

Edit: I can see you BARELY get any messages at all on your forums. If you dont have time to reply to this, knowing there are barely any threads at all... that'll be staggering.

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yeah they are really not responding to a whole lot recently = last 2-3 months.

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Lol. Still no answers. Just incredible...

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Gore system expansion and improval concerning the combat system and NPC's you kill in combat only.

---Dismemberment = heads, arms, legs etc. Would be fitting when killing with vampire claws especially.
---Blood spatter that sticks to NPC's in combat ( not just the floor)
---Visible wounds upon dealing damage to enemies like scars, cuts, bleeding wounds. Senuas Sacrifice did this well. ( including an impaled wound from vampire powers)
---Bite marks on NPC's ( same that appear during civillian biting)
---Blood that sticks to your weapon upon using it

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Hey guys. You're very silent on specific questions in terms of what the game has and doesn't have.
However, can you answer if the game has modding support or will have?

It would be nice if we could get the chance to mod in blood, gore etc to make the combat system far more interesting for those of us who enjoy embracing the monster type of gameplay.

Alternatively, consider releasing a gore DLC. have limbs fly off, heads, guts and wound damage on generic enemies.
PLEASE consider it. I really like all I see about this game, but the combat feels like something I'd rather avoid... because theres just no visible damage or conclusion to cutting, shooting, ripping, biting, or using super vampiric powers impaling them.

Its incredibly lackluster visually, guys. Please consider fixing it via gore DLC or allow mod support so we can alter a few things to our satisfaction.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the info man
It is as I was afraid of it seems. Well. Lets hope it turns out to be an enjoyable story then. At least Jonathan feels like I do...

Lol 🙂

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Yeah, man. I hope we'll get an answer otherwise we'll just have to wait for release.
But the more I see I think we're gonna be without any of it.

It just feels extremely... weird. I mean you can look at way older gory games like F.E.A.R. that Im replaying atm. It has whole bodies exploding on grenade impact or something as simple as bullet holes as well as blood spatter.
Or within the same genre, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines had a great deal of gore using Tremere abilities.

But anyway. I just felt this was as baseline as it gets for a vampire game. ( Unless its DARK because that game lacks everything haha... Fck I hate that game. Geralts voice can't even save it 🙂 )

Well. Tuesday the week after next week, we'll know. Lets hope for a gory adventure.

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